The Ultimate De-stressing Guide


By Adithy Hassan

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

Along with the holiday season comes a heaping amount of stress. Especially since pre-comps are coming up, and I can feel the tensions rising in the air, I’m here to give you my best tips and tricks to staying stress free during the hardest times of the year (well at least as much as possible.)


1. A Digital Detox: Stay clear from all your electronics. Although it might be hard to put down your phone or shut down your computer, it’s definitely worth it. Since we’re nearing the dreaded pre-comps day by day, something as simple as unplugging yourself from the online world can definitely help you concentrate more on the work laid out in front of you and can instantly relax you from the constant bright lights and loud noises.


2. Spa Day: Remember when we made a spa jar for that special someone from my last post? Well it’s time to make one for yourself! You don’t have to go all out and end up spending all of your early Christmas money on the newest products. A short bath with warm water and a bath bomb, a fresh face mask and lip scrub, or a manicure with a foot soak in some epsom salt can easily do the trick. Light some fresh scents, play some calming music (Spotify has great playlists for specific mood) and you’re all set!


3. Sunshine Drink: A warm cup of tea, or some hot chocolate topped with a big dollop of whipped cream can change your mood instantly. Gear up into your comfiest clothes, cover yourself with a heaping pile of blankets, cuddle with your pets or stuffed animals, turn on the fire, pop a movie in, and relax as you are transformed into a whole new world of relaxation as you continue to sip your sunshine drink.


4. Enjoy and focus on your meals: Since the holidays are a time of celebrating family, take any and every opportunity to spend some quality time with them. At least one meal a day should be dedicated to thanking your family for all of the great opportunities they have provided you as you taste every flavor of the meal in front of you letting your taste buds dance.

Family Enjoying A Barbeque

5. Make time for fun: A definite must (especially for us BASIS students) is to have fun. We’re still young and pass up many opportunities to simply live life the way it’s meant to be. We have the entire rest of our lives to work and get stressed out about every little detail. As one of my favorite spoken word artists, Suli Breaks, says, “I will not let an exam result determine my fate.” Although you need to try your best, don’t stress too much about it. “It’s WHAT you learn that truly matters,” as our very own Mr. Smith says.Jumping on The Beach

6. Find your passion: I believe this is one of the most important things in life. You need at least one thing that makes you feel happy regardless of what life throws at you. If you don’t know where your heart truly lies, find it. Search day and night, trying as many new activities as possible and I promise you that you’re sure to find your passion someday.


7. Aroma therapy: Different scents associated with different memories can change your mood instantly. Bath and Body Works contains a specific line of products focused on stress relief. Along with candles and other fresh scents, applying essential oils to your pulse points can help calm you down.


8. Meditate: This is one of the most effective yet overlooked ways to relax. You don’t have to spend an hour each day learning different yoga poses, but simply breathing slowly in a quiet environment can relax you instantly. Concentrating on your breathing and forgetting about your greatest worries while you inhale confidence and exhale doubt is one of the best ways to go about life.stock-footage-silhouette-of-woman-meditating-during-sunset[1]

Disclaimer: These aren’t all of my ideas, although I added a few of my favorite tips and tricks to the best de-stressing tips out there.

I know it’s hard, but please try to relax with these de-stressing tips!  Till next week, XOXO Adithy.


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