Let’s Talk about Talk Shows

By Sanjana Shenoy and Vaisha Nair

Talk shows are a major part of our teenage lives even though we are busy with school and extracurricular activities.  Some of the more popular talk shows are Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and how could we forget Ellen. Here are a couple of their best videos:

Here Ellen helps two little girls, Sophia Grace and Rosie, meet their idol, Nicki Minaj. Ellen discusses present gossip and issues with celebrities, and also helps fans meet celebs, like in the video above.

Next is Jimmy Fallon. Watch this hilarious clip:

In this video, Jimmy Fallon and Liam Hemsworth prance around in some fabulous looking heels. Jimmy Fallon hosts his own talk shows as well as acts in small skits with famous celebrities.

Lastly we have the other Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel. This is a clip from one of his shows:

This video shows Jimmy Kimmel with a five year old boy who knows a lot more than I do about presidents. Jimmy Kimmel does many interviews with random people who give hilarious answers to his questions.

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