Funny New Year’s Resolutions

by Maya Devineni

New Years, the time of year for new resolutions and goals, read below to see the funniest New Year’s resolutions!

1. Finish Chap-stick

2. Separating your white clothes from your colors when you wash your clothes.

3. Don’t send a text to someone in the same room or area as you.

4. Make up a new excuse of ditching school instead of the usual ” I’m sick.”

5. While in the shower instead of putting loose hair on the wall, actually wad it up and throw it away, because we all know its pretty dreading to watch those one or two hairs slowly go down the drain.

6. Instead of having your pet clean up those little crumbs on the floor, actually clean it up yourself.

7. Another probably really relatable New Year’s resolution, is to not save the fortune inside your fortune cookie like its going to come true.

8. We all might be a little guilty of this, but it is to not pick your nose in the car.

9. To walk some where without using, looking, or touching your phone.

10. To buy lottery tickets at different stories that might be more luckier.

We are all probably guilty of at least one or two of these, comment below some funny New Year’s resolutions you have heard of.



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