DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas!

by Bhumika Phanindra

Hey guys! Last night, I went Christmas shopping and I went over budget to buy gifts for my friends and family. I didn’t have any money left to buy gift wrapping! I really like crafts so I decided to decorate my own gift wrap! It’s a fun and easy idea to customize your gift so it would compliment the person you’re giving it to. A lot of the cute ideas I am going to show you is going to involve brown paper. You can do so much with brown paper that the wrapping will never get boring.

Let’s begin…

gift wrap 2


This style of wrapping is really cute for kids but adults will love it all the same. So basically, wrap your present with any plain color wrapping and keep in mind, brown paper is both cheap and stylish. After that, take a long piece of colorful or plain twine (depending on the size of your presents) and wrap it around the present once. When you are tying the bow, slip a paper ornament hole-punched at the top, decorated anyway you want, and slip it through the string so it keeps put on your bow. You can even print something with ink on the brown. And you don’t  have to use an ornament, you could use a letter, whatever you like.

map gift

I really like this one because it’s so unique. It’s not everyday you get a present wrapped in a map. A perfect way to use this is if you  wrap plane tickets for a special someone and circle the place on the map where the tickets lead you to. newspaper-gift-wrap


NEWSPAPER! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s brilliant. A newspaper wrapped gift is so cool and environmentally friendly. And the black ribbon tops it off with a tres chic. 



This is so cute for young kids! Its the perfect thing to do if you are waiting to open your present. Wrap whatever present in plain white paper and attach a few crayons and viola, your have your very cheap and child friendly wrapping paper.

I hope you liked all the awesome ideas and if you try them, let me know in the comments. Remember, always customize it to whatever suits you or the person you are giving the present to, it will make the gift extra special. See you next week!

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