A New Chapter in NJHS

By Isha Chakraborty

As we approach the end of 2014, it feels almost imperative to inform everyone about the new chapter in NJHS. We have a total of eight new officers and Mrs. Barajas has graciously taken the position as the head of NJHS.

Our new president is me, and I love surfing social media sites and writing in my time away from making NJHS the best it can possibly be.

We have been graced with not one, but two vice presidents to help us make this year even better! They are Nathaniel Anbar and Hailey Fischer, freshmen at BASIS and a seminal part to NJHS.

Neil Bhardwaja is our very own treasurer, and loves reading and playing tennis when he’s not helping to better the community.

We are blessed to have Rhea Arvind as our secretary as she is the best in the business! Not only is she ready to make this year the best we have experienced, but she also participates in the plays and loves singing and dancing apart from being our lovely secretary.

Lastly, we have our three major helpers, Nathalie Austin, Shaun Victor, and Joseph Aboudi to make all the events worthwhile! You can thank them for all of the school events ( i.e. the family picnic ) going as smoothly as it did.

We definitely can’t forget Señorita Barajas, without her, this would all fall apart. She is the glue holding this community together and we are all so grateful for having her here to help us all throughout.

With this team, we are positive that this year will be great and be a positive change in the face of BASIS Chandler’s NJHS Chapters.

Besides having an entire group of students ready and willing to support and improve our society, NJHS also contributes to many events. For the past few weeks, Pennies for Patients has been taking place. It ended today, and we would like to thank everyone for participating in this joyous opportunity and all the more to come! We also contributed to the Language and Cultural Fair to help the students of BASIS Chandler embrace the diversity of what our school has to offer!

There are many things to be looking forward to as a member of NJHS. Even if you aren’t a member, we encourage you to get involved with your school and make a difference as a community and an individual 🙂


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