Top 10 Winter Nails

By: Bhumika Phanindra

Hey guys! I know my title says winter nails, but there aren’t any specific designated nail color for you. You can always mix and match your nail colors and designs to fit you and your outfit.

Here are my top 10! (These are in no specific order)

10. nails 2

9.nails 3

8. nails 4

7. nails 5

6. nails 1

5. nails 1

4. starbucks nails

3. winter nails

2. tumblr_meiisxoL591r3fzj9o1_500

1. nails 6

These are my top 10 nails. I really wish that I could do this myself. Knowing me, the reindeer would probably look demented. 🙂 Remember that winter doesn’t mean that you have to do these designs, you can do really pretty sparkly blues and whites or even plain, you will still look fabulous.

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