Insane Festivals

by Maya Devineni

You might have thought that Halloween and Black Friday are crazy, but wait until you read about these!


1. La Tomatina (Spain)- l_2570_tomatina-festival-spain[1]Fun, dance, and lots of tomatoes – this is one festival you absolutely cannot miss! Participants throw tomatoes at each other and ride down tomato-streaked slides. From tomato fights or the enormous water showers that follow, la tomatina is one event that gets you dancing and playing!


2. Boryeong Mud Festival (South Korea)-


A South Korean cosmetic company made a makeup line, which was made out of Boyeong mud. Since this company didn’t want to spend money on commercials they just made a festival were people could get a “feel” for their product, potentially buy it, and have fun!


3. Holi (India)- holi-one2[1]Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is a really fun festival to go crazy and spend some good time with family and friends! So as you can see there are many festivals where people like throwing things (perhaps mud or tomatoes!), but Holi is really fun because you throw color powder!


4. Night of the Radishes (Mexico)- Day_of_the_Night_of_The_Radishes[1]

Although this sounds like some Halloween night tale, it is actually a festival that is celebrated throughout Mexico right before Christmas. Street side vendors take out their biggest oversized radishes and make cool shapes out of them.


5. Goat Tossing Festival (Spain)-

st_vincent_goat_throwing[1] This strange festival is celebrated every fourth Sunday of January. In essence a young boy finds a goat, ties it up, then throws it from the top of the church belfry. Where other villagers are supposed to catch it.

6. Konaki Sumo (Japan)-6E935CBF5527D9B6211F1374B5AC67[1] If you thought it couldn’t have gotten any crazier, then read this. In Japan every April big sumo wrestlers hold a baby each and try to make their baby cry first.


7. The Running of the Bulls (Spain)- bulls06[1]

To top all of this off here we have the running of the Bulls festival. Every July people in Spain get ready for this crazy event!


8. Goose pulling festival (Germany)-

Goose Pulling Festival[1]

Every year on Shrove Tuesday various town throughout Germany this festival is celebrated. Basically, a goose is hung from either a pole or wire, and the participant’s goal is to try and pull off the gooses head.


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