Exodus: Gods and Kings

by: Ishraaq Shams

To be released December 12th, Exodus: Gods and Kings is a PG-13 movie directed by Ridley Scott about the revolt that happened in Egypt during the reign of King Ramses II. Legend has it that Moses had been placed in a basket by his mother during a war. That basket ended up near the royal family, and they ended up adopting him. When Moses and Ramses grew up, the throne is given to Ramses, but he tortured the common people. Moses noticed and tried to convince his brother to treat people nicely, but Ramses did not listen and banished Moses from the kingdom. Apparently on Moses’s journey, God spoke to him in a cave as a bundle of light. Moses, after speaking with God, returned back to Egypt warning Ramses that if he does not change his ways to his subjects, the whole kingdom will be tortured by the power of God. Ramses ignored Moses again, and thus a plague occurred in Egypt, among other terrible things. Later, Moses and his followers crossed a river which he split with a staff given to him by God, while Ramses and his followers stayed behind with the plague.

Movies don’t always follow the original plot because nobody would be interested in watching them. From the trailer, I could tell that there is much more drama and action than the original story. Ridley Scott, the director, managed to make it interesting by either its content or the music from the trailer. And with a cast this talented, like Christian Bale playing Moses, this definitely is a movie worth watching.

Near the end of the trailer, there is a major war between Moses and Ramses, signified by two armies going toward each other. Ramses, still believing that he is a god, not a simple human being, challenged Moses who believes in the one god he talked to before. The trailer can’t show you everything from the movie, such as when Moses cut the ocean in half, which most likely will happen in the movie. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t happen because that is one of the most important parts of the whole story.

I think this will be a movie worth watching with all of the action and the amazing actors. However, what I really want to know is your opinion about the movie, so please pick one of the choices in the poll below.

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