Christmassy Places to Visit

by Swetha Rajagopal

Are you going out of town over the Christmas holidays? If so, find out some of the best places to go!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Everybody loves Santa Claus in the Dutch capital! Enjoy a stroll through streets that display 16th and 17th century houses strung with beautiful Christmas lights. For New Year’s Eve, spend some time in the Nieuwmarkt or Dam squares, which has a fireworks display blasting out in vibrant colors, wonderful and extremely delicious food, music, and dancing.

Munich, Germany

Christmas here means a 100 foot tall Christmas tree in Marienplatz, the central square in the city of Munich. In the winter, gingerbread and holiday drinks are served in tram. From November 25 to December 24 at 5:30 PM, there is live holiday music playing from the balcony of the town hall. Go to Munich, and enjoy some holiday cheer!

Zurich, Switzerland

An array of 12,00 lights are strung throughout Zurich in the winter. Grab a steaming hot chocolate (or heissi schoggi, as they call it), and stroll through the city’s beautiful lighted streets. Take a look at the galleries on Rämistrasse or the Conelli Christmas Circus. If you want a little escape from all the extreme enthusiasm, head over to a calm holiday concert in Grossmünster church. Visit Zurich for a very merry Christmas!

Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to stay in the U.S.A for Christmas, visit Charleston! This popular city puts its own spin on things for the holidays— roasted pecans (NOT chestnuts), a little twist in the eggnog, and choirs singing spirituals at the Drayton Hall plantation. If you do go to Charleston, South Carolina, stay at Wentworth Mansion, a 21-room place of Victorian perfection. Wentworth Mansion features magnolia wreaths, Old World Santa Clauses, two gorgeous Christmas trees in the foyer, and one thing that will probably make you rush to Charleston: chocolate truffles on the pillow. I know right?! It’s mindblowing! 🙂

Provence, France

Provence is like a fairytale coming to life (and by that, I mean the good parts of the fairytale). The villages transform from quiet and peaceful to lively and jolly during the holidays. Music from churches fill the streets, people crowd around the market to pick out the freshest foie gras, and tourists walk around taking in all of the allure of Provence. Go to Provence to celebrate the ultimate French Christmas!

Whether you go somewhere abroad like Provence or somewhere in the states, like Charleston, remember to enjoy the holidays with all your heart. If you think one of these places make you happy, plan a trip there and go celebrate Christmas with jubilation!



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