Character Recap on Super Smash Bros. Universe Part 1

by Joseph Aboudi and Michael Ford

Essentially, every character in the newly created Smash Bros. Universe is changed in one shape or another. So, I am going to cover every single character in the game.

Mario– Mario continues to be significantly useful on the ground and air, using attacks like his iconic fireballs and his tricky cape.

Luigi– Luigi seems to have a very similar play style to Mario, but boasts his iconic aerial attack, the green missile.

Peach-Peach receives a huge upgrade from previous games with an increased attack and speed, making our princess a force to be reckoned with.

Bowser– Bowser’s speed increased making him a ground medium speed power hitter with an assortment of strong and slow attacks along with medium speed low damaging attacks.

Yoshi– This dinosaur’s arsenal of moves includes a decent all around game style and is always useful for knocking out quicker opponents with egg rolls.(not the real egg rolls)

Rosalina– This new fighter includes a game changing asset, her luma, which can be launched and attack as a separate entity which creates a lop-sided game where the player can control both sides of the stage.

Mr. Game and Watch– This fighter continues to be a fan favorite, with its almost unknown origin story to its crazy and almost unpredictable attacks. He still continues to have a great ground game, while sacrificing his aerial game.

Donkey Kong– Donkey Kong has been around from the beginning, but he’s never been at the top. Although he possesses several powerful attacks, they take a long time to charge. Combine that with his abysmal speed, massive weight, and pathetic recovery, you have one of the worst characters in the current game.

Diddy Kong– Donkey Kong’s annoying son. Diddy Kong was very high on the tier list during his time in Brawl, due to his anti-aerial game being a terrific counter to Meta-Knight. However, when Brawl four came out, Meta Knight plummeted on the tier list, reducing Diddy’s effectiveness by a huge margin.

Link– Our favourite green hero, Link, keeps his master sword and Hylian shield to fight his enemy’s with style. His all around play style continues to be effective

Zelda- While Zelda was abysmally low on the tier list in past games, her new separation from Shiek gave her a new advantage in the form of her down special, Phantom. Zelda’s play style is generally a variation of camping, making use of her powerful specials to keep the opponent off guard.

Shiek- Zelda’s mysterious alter ego. Like Zelda, Sheik also benefitted from their separation, gaining a new flip kick. Sheik boasts amazing comboing abilities due to her amazing speed, instantaneous attacks, and stellar aerial game.

Ganondorf- Ganondorf has been low on the tier list since his emergence in Melee as a clone of Captain Falcon. Than in Brawl he dropped even further due to his awful speed and massive start up lag. He receives a small buff in the Brawl with a small speed boost and faster attacks, but he still is difficult to play with in combat.

Toon Link- Toon Link was introduced in Brawl to replace young link. He shares all of Link’s attacks, but favors speed over power, making him a better character for players with good reflexes. His wide arsenal of Bombs, arrows, and boomerangs, along with a quick and deadly word make him a worthy adversary both at  long and close range.

Samus- Like Zelda, Samus also separated from her alternate form in the new game. Samus was never the best character in any game, and has always hovered around the bottom of the tier list. Samus has below average speed, and lacks a sufficient way to build up damage or effectively KO an opponent.

Zero Suit Samus– Faster and lighter than her power suit form, Zero Suit Samus possesses a powerful aerial game and great combos. A good strategy is to use her long range grab to hurl an opponent of the edge of the stage, then finish them off with a powerful meteor smash with her down specail.

Pit- Pit maintains his annoyingness with his light arrows, and has an amazing recovery not matched by any other character, therefore only being able to be killed by smash attacks.

Paulutena- A newcomer to smash bros, Palutena is one of the best defensive characters in the game. She possesses both a long range and close range counter, and her unique smash attacks are among the best in the game.

Marth– Prepare yourself for final smashes, power hits, and strong slashes of the sword, and a strong play style. There are just attackers you just cannot survive, and Marth is one of them. His speed is decent making all the fighting so much easier.

Ike– Although Ike is a very slow runner, his powerful smash attacks make up for it. He also carries some very powerful specials up his sleeve, and his eruption can be a one hit KO if timed correctly. Ike’s speed has improved a lot since the last game.

Robin– His combination of range and melee create a powerful combo, but you need to kill your opponent before you run out of power.

Kirby– Kirby remains on the bottom of the tier list, but has an improved hammer, and has a strong recovery. In the end, Kirby maintains his status as a “noob” character.

King Dedede– King Dedede was a powerful and intimidating opponent in Brawl due to his ability to lock an opponent into an endless combo with his down throw. With the loss of this ability in Smash Bros 4, Dedede dropped on the Tier list, but can still pack a powerful punch with his smash attacks, despite his below average speed.

Meta Knight– To finish off part one, we have the best character in Brawl, but has been pushed down to the middle of the tier list, and is nowhere near as overpowered as he was in the last game.

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