Winter Fashion!

By Bhumika Phanindra

Hey guys! It’s December, and you know what that means…new trends! Don’t freak out because you have to buy a whole new wardrobe because you really don’t. Winter fashion is insanely similar to fall fashion except for the colors and there are more layers or thicker coats and jackets. Fall really screams browns and reds unlike winter fashion, which screams whites and dark blues. Like I said before, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. You can just recycle your other clothes and make them fit for winter. You might need to buy a few nick-nacks here and there but not anything expensive. This week I’m going to put together one outfit you can try.

Let’s begin….(:

The best way to start is with an over-sized sweater. They are so cozy and comfy that you would wish that those were the only things you own. Express yourself and buy the color of your choice. No season will keep you from being who you are. One of my friends wore her dad’s sweater to school and it looked so good on her! This is what I like to call recycling. (:


With and over-sized sweater, I would wear black leggings! I know what your thinking, “leggings in the cold?” Well I live in Arizona where it doesn’t get that cold, but those of you who live in the East Coast have to take some serious precautions. Don’t worry though! there is always a solution when it comes to fashion. When it gets pretty cold, I wear dark jeans or these super cool leggings that are really fuzzy and warm on the inside but have the normal disguise of leggings on the outside.


Hmm, what are we missing? SHOES!! Guess what?! I got 4 pairs of boots from The Shoe Carnival and 1 pair of Vans this Black Friday! It was totally awesome! Anyways…To top off the look, boots would be perfect. There are so many types of boots that could work with this look: ankle boots, long boots, combat boots, and faux-fur boots. BTW, I got all of those on Black Friday.ankle boots

long boots



faux-fyr boots

Here is the completed look:



I hoped you like my fashion tips this week! If any one tried the look or has any topic suggestions for next week, feel free to comment below. Well, until next week! Bye!

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