What to Expect from Star Wars: Episode Seven

There has been an awakening…have you felt it? That’s right my fellow Star Wars fans! Star Wars is back! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you know that Disney purchased Lucasfilms and announced a third trilogy! The news spread like wildfire, leaving nothing but exited Star Wars fans in its wake. Then, on November 28, the teaser was released, announcing the premier date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be December 2015. Yep, that’s right guys. Unfortunately, we have to wait over a year before we will have our Star Wars movie. On the bright side, that leaves plenty of time for guesses and speculation. And with the entirety of the Expanded Universe from after Episode 6 declared non-canon(Not part of the official Star Wars timeline), anything is possible. And that’s why I’m here. Using a combination of trailer info, rumors, and my own thoughts on the matter, I am going to tell you what to expect from Star Wars: Episode 7- The Force Awakens.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, I suggest you watch it now because everything I say will make a lot more sense.

The Setting

We know for a fact that the producers will have allowed real time to have passed since the events of Return of the Jedi. Therefore, it is most likely going to take place about 30 years after the overthrow of the Empire. However, we have no official information about what  condition the universe is in right now. Most likely the New Republic will have been formed, and a period of peace is at hand. But that might not be the case. Oftentimes after the overthrow of an empire, the resulting power vacuum drives the nation into a chaotic battle for control. If that is the case, we could be seeing the aftermath of said war, or the very ending. Another possible setting is during the period of establishment for the New Republic. The Empire was spread far and wide throughout the galaxy, so the New Republic would undoubtedly meet some resistance.


In the trailer, we see three different locations, possibly on three separate planets. We see a desert planet, which is probably Tatooine, but could be a different planet, as there are thousands of planets in the Star Wars universe. We also see a snowy planet, but it has trees and bushes, so it is not Hoth. Finally, we briefly glimpse a lake, with trees and mountains lining its banks. With all the forested planets in the Star Wars universe, its impossible to tell, but it may be the same planet as the one with the snowy forest.

X-Wings flying over a lake on an unknown planet


The Plot

Very little is known about the plot of the New Star Wars movie. From the trailer, it is most likely about an uprising of the Sith in the new Republic, but that’s just my guess. There are rumors about the opening of the movie, however. According to these supposed “leaks”, the movie will open with the discovery of Luke’s severed hand and lightsaber. Seems a bit dark to me. If that is the case, however, it gives the title “The Force Awakens” new meaning. Perhaps Luke has been captured, unconscious in some force induced sleep, and his willpower is beginning to break the bonds keeping him in this state. This means that our movie will likely be a rescue mission, with the protagonists on a hunt for Luke after this discovery. However, this might not be the case, as the trailer emphasizes an awakening in the dark side of the force, further strengthening the idea of a Sith uprising in the New Republic.

The Characters


It has been confirmed that Mark Hamill(Luke Skywalker), Harrison Ford(Han Solo), Carrie Fischer(Princess Leia Organa), Kenny Baker(R2D2), Anthony Daniels(C3PO), and Peter Mayhew(Chewbacca) have all been confirmed to be returning for Episode 7, each in their respective roles. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac have also been confirmed as the films protagonists. The significance ratio of old actors to new is unknown, but based on the trailer, it seems the new will be much more significant. However, we do see the Millennium Falcon battling some TIE fighters, but the pilot is unknown. Could it be Han and Chewie, going in for one last flight? Or is it someone from the new generation piloting the iconic spaceship? In addition, we see our first look at the supposed Villain in the aforementioned snowy forest, wielding a lightsaber with a hilt. His identity is a mystery, but a rumored leak says that this new villain may be partially robotic. Other sources say that he is one of the Inquisitors from the Disney show Star Wars Rebels.

An inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels


Inquisitors were trained by the Empire to hunt down the remaining Jedi, and at the time of the fall of the Empire, they were spread far and wide throughout the galaxy. Perhaps our villain is one of them, having vowed revenge against the Jedi after the fall of the Empire. There are also rumours that Princess Leia has become a Jedi in the time since Episode Six, as she also had the potential to be the chosen one, but was never trained during the original trilogy.

The Action


We see some glimpses of what the action might be in the new Star Wars movie during the trailer, prompting many questions and predictions. We see some stormtroopers on a ship, looking as if they are heading into battle. They also seem to be armed with new guns,  but their abilities are unknown. We also catch a glimpse of some X-Wings flying over a lake, but whether they are in combat or not is unknown. They do seem to be in attack formation, and they look as if they’re going somewhere in a hurry. However, we do know that X-Wings are still in use, meaning our space battles may be very similar to what we have seen before. We also catch a look at the Villain’s lightsaber, which produces a distinct crackling sound and boasts a fiery hilt, giving the appearance of a broadsword


Could this be a new lightsaber design? Or perhaps an ancient Sith Saber will be found in our new movie. Some people think the flickering saber is caused by a broken crystal or a faulty power system, further supporting the ancient saber theory. Others argue that it is a new advanced saber, and that the “hilt” is actually a pair of exhaust ports necessary to contain the saber’s extreme raw power. Finally, we see the Millennium Falcon doing battle with some TIE fighters, but unlike most battles in the Star Wars movies, this one is taking place on a planet, as opposed to in space. This opens up numerous possibilities and opportunities for dynamic and thrilling battles as the ships interact with gravity, land formations, and weather.

So, will this new movie be the beginning of a series mighty enough to rival the original trilogy? Or will it be a bigger insult to Star Wars than Jar-Jar Binks? Feel free to give your opinion, via comment or poll. Hard to see the future is, so I suppose we won’t find out until December 2015, but until then, may the force be with you.




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