Top 10 Most Romantic Flowers

by Nita Kulkarni and Anusha Natarajan

We took a survey around the school asking the staff and students on what their favorite flower is. Whether you’re planning a special day for your parents or your close companion  or just looking for something to read, this list will help you learn about flowers and their meanings.

10. Daisy. A herbaceous plant and an angiosperm, it is native to many regions in Europe and the Americas. The leaves of daisies are used in salads and for herbal medicine. It usually blooms during mid-summer. 

Daisy  orange daisy

9. Carnation. Found particularly in Europe and Asia, it is used for fragrance. Some species of carnations grow under grass or in fields.

carnation     carnation heart

8. Lily. The word “lily” is derived from the Greek word “leiron”. The Greeks believed that it came from the Greek goddess Hera, the queen of gods. Lilies are known to be the May birth flower and the 30th wedding anniversary flower. Lilies have various meanings. For example, Peruvian lilies (alstroemeria) represent friendship and devotion, white stargazer lilies express sympathy, and pink stargazer lilies represent wealth and prosperity.

pink lily   lily

7. Peony. There are several myths associated with peonies. One legend states that the peony is named after Paeon, a physician to the gods, who received the flower on Mount Olympus from the mother of Apollo. Another myth states that the same physician was “saved” from the fate of dying, so he turned into a peony. Peonies symbolize riches, honor, romance, prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. It is also the Chinese traditional flower and the flower of a 12th wedding anniversary.

peony2  peony1

6. Tulip. They can be from 4 inches to 28 inches tall. Did you know that there are about 75 wild species of tulips and 150 species in total with over 3000 varieties? Also, tulips are edible!tulip   clrfl tulip

5. Sunflower. Sunflowers were used by the Native Americans for food, as  oil, in bread, medical ointments, dyes and body paints. They also help to remove toxins in lead and other metals. Also, Vincent Van Gogh used sunflowers for many of his paintings. It is the national flower in Ukraine and in Kansas.



4. Iris. The state flower of Tennessee, this flower dates back to the ancient Greek goddess, Iris. The three upright petals of the iris symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom. It is also the February birth flower, and irises even grow in deserts.



3. Jasmine. The Jasmine flower releases its fragrance at night after the sun sets and especially when the moon is waxing towards fullness. Flowering takes place in summer and spring(around 6 months after planting). Did you know that Jasmine flower buds are more fragrant than the flowers? In India, the jasmine is known in as the “Queen of the Night” because of it’s intoxicating perfume that is released at night.jasminejasine 2

2. Orchid. Did you know that vanilla is a species of orchid? They are found commonly in Hawaii and are used to make leis. Substances isolated from orchids are also used in perfume industries, spices and in traditional Asian medicine.                              orchidsorchids

1. Rose. This flower symbolizes love and sorrow. It is the official flower in New York, Iowa, North Dakota and Georgia. The Ancient Egyptians believed that roses were sacred flowers in their religion. Roses can grow in any kind of weather and can be used in perfumes. They can also be a source of  wealth in some countries, such as the Netherlands.

Rose1   Rose2

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