The Earthquake Alarm

By Nishat Khan

Following the unusual amount of earthquakes to Mexico City, Andres Meira, an architect and social entrepreneur, created a device that has the potential to save many lives by acting as an earthquake alarm.

The device, called a Grillo Box, is for sale to the general public for about $54. It acts as a cheap alternative to the $330 SASMEX receiver that essentially does the same thing as the Grillo Box.

The receiver is in a small box with a cricket(“grillo” in Spanish) imprinted on it and an antenna at the top. When the box senses a seismic tremor, the lights on it flash and a siren sounds. It can either run on batteries or be plugged into an electrical outlet.

$50 Earthquake Alarm

Meira aims to not only warn people in their homes, but also on their smartphones, which can appeal to the tech savvy public. In addition to the Grillo Box, Meira has introduced the Grillo Active, which is an orange device that contains a movement detector, microprocessor, and a WiFi module. It can send alarms to smartphones, alerting an even broader range of people than the Grillo Box would.

Meira also aims to launch the product internationally to other earthquake-prone cities such as cities in Japan and America’s west coast.The Grillo Box has the potential to save thousands of lives by alerting them that an earthquake is about to hit, giving them more time to prepare than public alarms would give them.

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