Make History and Elect BASIS Chandler’s First Ever Homecoming Court

In 1909, Southwestern University held the very first Homecoming, although other schools argue that they were the originals. Whatever the case, BASIS Chandler will be making its own history by holding their inaugural Homecoming this January.

Originally created to welcome school’s alumni back to watch the football game and participate in events, it’s become a staple at most high schools and universities across the country.  It’s a time to bond with your class mates through sports and festivities alike.

The crisp fall air ensures that everyone will dig out their sweaters and scarves and huddle up together on the bleachers while they cheer on their home team.

No Homecoming is complete without a Homecoming Court.  All high school students (grades 9-12) are eligible to win.  The Court includes a Senior Homecoming King and Queen as well as a Homecoming Prince and Princess for each grade, 9-11.

The BASIS Bugle will be conducting the election process.  It will start with a first round of nominations.  Once this process ends, the top three nominations will be placed into the final running and battle it out for the Court titles.

Click the link below to make your nominations.

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