5 Amazing Games You Probably Never Heard Of

By: Andrew Thran

5. Dino D-Day – Take my favorite genera of games, World War 2, and my favorite thing when I was a Kid, dinosaurs, and combine them, you get this. This game pins the Allies against the Nazis as usual, but the Nazis have a secret weapon, dinosaurs. This makes for absolutely hilarious gameplay and hours and hours of playing.header

4. Fistful of Frags – Judging by the title, you can probably guess this is a western game. It is a extremely fun western shoot out where it can be a free-for-all moshpit or four teams against each other. It has actual weapons used in the west.fistful_of_frags__the_hatcheting_by_digivee-d7j9b5c

3. Super Princess Peach – Imagine if the Mario world was backwards and Mario got captured by Bowser and Peach had to save him. Well this game does that. This game is probably the most well known game on this list, but it is still not that famous.250px-Super_Princess_Peach

2. Verdun – This game where no game has gone before, world war 1. Seriously, name me one game that is in world war 1. Well, this game is amazing. It captures the atmosphere of ww1 perfectly, the sky is murky blue, you can hear the faint sound of a machine guns, and the maps are run down and destroyed.jhvkugvcjhgcvjhgcjhgcjk




1. Insurgency – This game is a modern military simulator-like game. I don’t say it is a simulator because it isn’t that in-depth, but it isn’t your average Call of Duty. You have to be tactical and actually think. There is two types of multiplayer. There is team deathmatch and co-op. Both require an enormous amount of team work to succeed.Insurgency-logo

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