Top Ten Linkin Park songs

By: Andrew Thran

Linkin Park is a popular alterative rock band, if you didn’t know. They gained popularity in the early 2000’s and are still popular to this day. The band has six members, which I will be talking about in the list. There is Chester Bennigton and Mike Shinoda, the vocalists, though Mike also plays the Keyboard and guitar, Rob Bourdon, Drums and Percussion, Joe Hahn, keyboard, turntables, and samples, Brad Delson, keyboard and guitar, and Dave Farrell, bass guitar.

10. Don’t Stay – This first song, unlike the others, didn’t experience that much success but it still gets on my list because of it’s very hard hitting lyrics from Chester, but it doesn’t really show of Mike’s vocals that much.

9. Burn It Down – After the very disappointing album A Thousand Suns, this lead single from Living Things pleased all the disappointed fans by blending dubstep and guitars with Chester and Mike’s well written lyrics.

8. Somewhere I Belong – Somewhere I Belong was well received be everybody, and it was even able to chart in the top 30 in the hot 100 list. It is a much slower than most other songs with very strong lyrics from both Mike and Chester.

7. Breaking The Habit – This song usually tops higher on other peoples lists, but don’t get me wrong it is a very good song, but it feels like it is missing something. It doesn’t really have the usual rock sound but a more electronic feel.

6. Faint – If there is one word to describe this song it would be energetic. It is a very short song coming in at 2:42. Though being short, it packs a very heavy punch.

5. Crawling – Though this song doesn’t have many vocals for Mike, but it shows of Chester’s amazing range, going from practically whispering the lyrics to shouting them as loud as he can.

4. One Step Closer – This first single from the album Hybrid Theory, was the first song to help Linkin Park gain momentum to be the best rock band ever. Again another short song that is 2:39.

3. What I’ve Done – From the album Minutes to Midnight, this first single showed Linkin Park’s shift from rock to nu metal, which is metal blended with elements of hip – hop.

2. Numb – This critically acclaimed song from the album Meteora, had much praise from critics for the amazing relatable lyrics. It even peaked #11 on the billboard hot 100.

Honorable Mentions – some were good, but not good enough.

-Place for my Head

-Lying from you

– Given Up

– Bleed it Out

– Papercut

– Leave Out All the Rest

1. In the End – This final single from Hybrid Theory gets our top spot because of the Phenomenal lyrics from Chester and Mike and a piano riff. In the End’s lyrics are about a person’s failure in life and broken trust. It even peaked #2 on the billboard hot 100.


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