Top Ten Harry Potter Spells

-By Michael Ford

Throughout the course of the Harry Potter series, numerous spells are used to get the golden trio out of trouble. However, there are other darker spells and curses that have provided a daunting threat to the protagonists. But when it comes down to it, there are ten spells that stand above the rest. Warning: This list may contain spoilers.

10. Kicking off our list is Petrificus Totalus. This Jinx can be seen twice in the series, both times used on Neville Longbottom. This curse causes the arms and legs of the unfortunate victim to spring to their sides, causing them to fall over awkwardly, making this a helpful spell that can be used as a mean prank or joke. It can be rather useful in combat, but is easily protected against and one can be freed from its grasp through sheer willpower.


9. Next up is the sinister sectumsempra curse. Harry Potter found this curse deep within the potions book of the half-blood prince. This curse causes a horrible wound to be inflicted upon the target, as though they had been stabbed with an invisible sword. The half-blood prince may have been the first to uncover this curse, but a very similar spell is often used by death eaters in combat. This other spell requires no words to be uttered, only a simple slashing motion to be made. What makes this variant so deadly, however, is its inability to be blocked by the majority of protective charms.

8. My number eight for this list is stupefy. Stupefy is one of the most commonly used spells in the series, and with good reason. Taking the form of a fast-moving jet of red light, this spell instantly puts the victim into a state of unconsciousness. This spell can be very useful for when  one wants to overcome an opponent without causing any permanent harm. However, multiple spells at once can be dangerous to one’s health. This spell can be protected against with the shield charm, and larger creatures may take very many spells to be defeated.

7. Coming in at number seven is Protego. This spell has as many uses as there are spells, for only a handful of curses can penetrate it. This spell is very often used in duels, as it is a surefire way to protect oneself. Certain spells, in fact, will actually rebound upon the caster, increasing its usefulness by a massive amount.

6. Accio is number six for my list. This spell has a variety of uses, each more handy than the one before. Used multiple times throughout the series, this spell brings an object to you if you simply say the words. However, objects can be enchanted to not be summoned, as to keep them from being found easily. AccioHowever, the summoning charm still works on broomsticks, books, and even other wizard’s wands, making them a useful spell both inside and outside of combat.


5. Next up is Expulso. I previously considered giving this spot to Bombardo, but I figured Expulso was a superior version of two very similar spells. This spell causes the object it strikes to completely explode, blasting nearby objects and wizards with deadly force. A helpful feature is its ability to have the explosion force changed depending on the caster’s intent. As as result, this curse is often used by death eaters, who can use their evil and blood lust to maximize its power.


4. Coming in at number four is the deadly, terrifying, fiendfyre. Fiendfyre is one of the most dangerous curses in existence, due to its unpredictable nature and destructive power. Upon casting, it summons a blazing inferno that consumes everything in its path, even horcruxes.  The fire also takes the form of various animals, such as snakes, eagles, and chimeras, which actively target humans and attempt  to devour them in their fiery jaws. One must be very careful if they ever attempt to use this powerful curse. It takes a very powerful wizard to control it, and should it get out of hand, there is no telling what damage it may cause.


3. My number three is Expecto Patronum. This spell summons a guardian to protect the caster, keeping them safe from dementors and other creatures. Most Patronuses take the form of a stream of a white mist that seems to cause pain to Dementors.expecto-patronum-630-75However, a more powerful patronus, also known as a corporeal patronus, will take the form of an animal. This animal can be anything, from a stag, to a crane, to a phoenix, but it generally seems to be based on the caster’s personality. Apart from its classic use of repelling Dementors, it also works on other magical creatures as well.

expecto patronum

2. The runner up for our list is Avada Kedavra, the dreaded killing curse. If this curse was in a video game, it would probably be deemed overpowered. This curse is completely unblockable, the only way to avoid it is by dodging it or hiding behind something. If one is unable to avoid the green jet of light, they will suffer instant death, but a mark will not be left upon the body. This spell is often identified as Lord Voldemort’s signature spell, but a number of Death Eaters and dark wizards use it as well.


Honorable Mentions.

Before we hit number one, here are some spells that didn’t make the list, but that I think are still pretty cool.

Alomahora: The sonic screwdriver of the wizarding world. This spell can open any lock, except those with enchantments placed upon them. alomahora

Serpensortia: A snake-summoning spell. Upon casting, a poisonous serpent will burst from the wand’s tip, deadly and ready to strike.

Wingardium Leviosa: The levitating charm. One of the first spells that Ron performs successfully, this spell was used to defeat the mountain troll in his first year.


1. AND MY NUMBER ONE SPELL FROM HARRY POTTER IS… EXPELIARMUS! Expeliarmus is at the top of the list because it is Harry Potter’s signature spell, and has saved his life on numerous occasions. Harry Potter first learned this spell in his second year, introduced as a counter curse to use against attackers. This spell shoots a red jet of light that will either merely cause the item in the victim’s hand to fly out, or send them flying backward as well, depending on the caster’s intent.


Not knowing much magic, Harry Potter used this spell to protect himself from Lord Voldemort in his fourth year, and has decided to use it ever since. Aside from his personal attachment, Harry often uses this spell so that he can protect himself without harming an attacker. Since Harry Potter is the main character and this is his main spell, I decided to put Expeliarmus at the top of the list.

What do you think is the best spell? Please tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to leave a suggestion for the next article!




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