The Evolution of “The Biggest Boy Band on the Planet”

By: Luz Zamudio

This last Monday, November 17, One Direction (composed of members Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson) released a new album, this one being their fourth since they debuted on the X-Factor and released their first album, “Up All Night” on November 18, 2011. The new album’s name? You guessed it, “Four.”

This new album features the following song titles:


Before this came out, three other albums had been previously released, all of them at this time of the year since 2011. The titles are “Up All Night” (2011), “Take Me Home” (2012), and “Midnight Memories” (2013).

Today, these five teenage heartthrobs have accomplished many things, having won many awards including best breakthrough and biggest fan legion since their debut three years ago. It seems their success has no end, for the fandom itself just keeps getting bigger and bigger! As a Directioner (or Directional since as I like to say, “Directioners are too mainstream”) who has attended their concert which took place at the Cardinal Stadium in September, bought all of their albums, seen all their videos, and learned all the names of their acquaintances (from siblings to makeup artists and drummers), I must say their awkward charisma combined with the tattoos and angelic voices makes them a band that will be remembered for its impact on pop culture and the hearts of many.

I am a fan of alternative music and therefore must admit that my favorite album (though not by a long shot) is Midnight Memories. Released at this time last year, the album pleased me with its great amount of lyrical depth and musical composition, as well as the group’s level of involvement in the production process. The ones before were also lyrically complex; however, I felt that with them being the songwriters for every single song for the first time in their career, this album was the representation of their ability to become more fully independent as artists, and I feel it worked well for them since it seems their emotional connection with the songs made them feel more comfortable with their work, thereby also connecting with their audience when trying to serenade us about their own feelings.

To those people who do not even want to hear their names or see their faces (much less hear their songs) I fully and completely understand. Not everyone has the same taste. Although I do ask one thing from those of you whom I just described and it is this: please, respect their work. Their life at this moment is a dream come true for them, and I know I can speak for them because I have been a follower since their days at the X-Factor when they used to make bad quality video diaries at the bottom of the stairs in their dorm. I’m sure if you were them, you would appreciate it if people at least considered their efforts. And, after all, they are successful for a reason.

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