Disney Stories


By Maya Devineni and Arya Chethikattil

We all loved watching Disney movies. From the magical story of Cinderella to the cute story of the little Mermaid, every Disney tale was amazing. But wait a moment, you think all those stories had a happy ending with a true love’s kiss; however, that might not be the case for every story. Read on to find out what really happened…!



Who doesn’t love the magical story of Cinderella? But there is another version of Cinderella that you probably haven’t heard of–Cinderella’s evil stepsisters were forced by their evil mother to cut off parts of their feet to make their feet fit into the shoe, and worst of all they say that Cinderella actually never even had a fairy godmother. She actually kept praying by her mother’s grave, and out of sympathy she was granted one wish. Lastly, on her wedding day the birds end up pecking out her eyeballs.




In this story of the beauty and the beast, Princess Belle ends up living with the beast, which makes her sisters very jealous of her luxurious life. They end up convincing her to stay with them for more than one week (which the Beast didn’t allow). He then became infuriated upon Belle’s arrival and eats her.





According to the Grimm Brother’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the queen still asks the hunter to murder Snow White, but he fails to do so, and instead gives the queen a boar’s heart and liver. Believing the heart and liver to be Snow White’s, the queen eats it. Then the evil queen finds out, and gives  Snow White a poisoned apple. The prince carries unconscious Snow White, and she coughs up the apple, and wakes up. Snow White and the prince get married, and unfortunately invite the evil queen. The evil queen is forced to dance with burning hot shoes until she drops dead.


DISCLAIMER: These stories may or may not be credible


but who even knows if these stories are real or not…refer to the Huffington post for more turn over stories!

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