by Samihan Dani

The Arizona Cardinals have exceeded everybody’s expectations this season. Going 9-1 the Cardinals have beat teams like the Chargers, 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Lions while only losing to Denver. Last season the Cardinals went 10-6 barely missing the playoffs.

This season Carson Palmer was injured in Week 1 and missed four games in which Drew Stanton played in. Palmer came back and played 4 games until he tore his right ACL against the Rams which leaves Stanton to lead the team for the rest of the season. Stanton has had 920 yards averaging 177 yards per game.

The Cardinals defense is one of the best in the NFL allowing just 80 yards rushing per game. While just getting 8 sacks in the first 8 games, the Cards have totaled 10 sacks combined in the last 2 games. They’ve also had 15+ takeaways in the 4th quarter this season.

Arizona’s last 6 games include 4 tough division games and the Chiefs and Falcons.

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