7 Tips for Novice Black Friday Shoppers

by Amrutha Chethikattil

Everyone knows Black Friday is the best season for deals, but the best discounts only come to those that are experienced and plan well ahead of time. So here’s a list of tips for amateur black Friday shoppers.

Tip 1: Know where you’re going to go. It might seem insane to plot out everywhere you’re going to shop but its helpful to have a general framework. Make sure you have your research done on all these stores to find where the best deals will be.

Tip 2: Start early if you can. Obviously don’t be that one insane shopper that everyone tries to avoid, but the best clothes might just be gone at two am.

Tip 3: If with friends, divide and conquer. You can cover more area then meet up occasionally to discuss spoils. While it may sound more fun to shop with lots of friends, today is about getting the most for least.

Tip 4: Stay aware of tricks and false labels. Make sure to always read the fine print, because those forty dollar pair of jeans may not actually be the “best deal” like it claims.

Tip 5: Compare prices before you head out. Even if that laptop seems like a good deal in one store, the next might have even better deals. This is why its also important to know whether the store has return policies.

Tip 6: While bigger names like Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s might sound tempting, its often smarter to look at different options for the same stuff to get a cheaper price and a smaller crowd.

Tip 7: Stay safe. Seriously the craziest people show up at midnight to go shopping just after Thanksgiving. And don’t be rude and push and shove. Good luck!


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