Fall Up-Do’s

by Bhumika Phanindra

Hey guys! This week I’m going to show you some hairstyles and up-do’s that are totally fit for fall.


1. Twirled-girl-bun

The picture shows a casual twirled bun. To create a bun like this, you have to gather all your hair to the top and just twist it into a bun shape. If you want a less messy bun, you could use a sock bun or a doughnut bun to shape your up-do.

2. waterfall-messy-braid-bun

This is more of a elegant up-do for a party or something fancy. Basically, she has braided her hair down from one side to the opposite side ending in a messy bun.



If you have straight hair or wavy hair, a french/fishtail braid would look nice. She starts off with a a french braid and when she reaches the bottom of her head, she transitions to a fishtail. This is a really nice casual look but it still would look elegant if you matched the right outfit with it.

2. 465ac48dd217a589be49320644cd6a5d

This is a braid for curly hair. I would know, I have extremely curly hair. she basically twisted the front part of hair into a braid. It is loosely braided down and then transitioned to a fishtail. She left a strand of her hair for style.


These were a few tips that I have for hair styles that really go with Fall. Hope you liked them!

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