Top Seven Candies

by Nita Kulkarni and Anusha Natarajan
1. Sour Punch

A sweet and sour licorice that comes in many unique forms such as Straws, Bites, Bits, Ropes, and Twists. There are also a variety of flavors including Razzmatazz.

sour punch tub



It’s a chocolate bar with a crisp wafer and a caramel or milk chocolate coating. Twix was original called “Raider” in Austria, Belgium, France , Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey. Some flavors that Twix come in are Twix Tea Breaks, Chocolate Fudge Twix, Coffee Twix, and Twix Cappuccino.


3. Kit Kat

(n): a wafer chocolate bar first found in England. Kit Kat is made in 16 countries (Brazil, Australia, UK, Canada, and many others). There are also many other forms of Kit Kat such as Pop Choc, Regular, or Chunky.

kit kat

4. York

York is a  dark chocolate peppermint Pattie produced by the Hershey company. Some variations of York are Chocolate Truffle Mint, Limited Edition Pink Pattie, Peppermint Pattie Pumpkins, and Peppermint Pattie Snowflakes.




The Crunch bar is made of rice crisps covered with chocolate. Crunch comes in many flavors such as the Buncha Crunch, Crunch Caramel, Crunch with Peanuts, and Crunch Stixx. Did you know that Nestle Crunch has been eaten since 1938?



6. Hershey

Hershey bars go back all the way to the 19th century when Milton Hershey made a delicious milk chocolate bar with his name on it. In 1894, he decided to add a caramel topping to his chocolate bars. Now, Hershey bars are sold all over the nation!



7.  Jolly Rancher

Made by the Hershey Company, these sweet watering candies will make your taste buds jolly. Lemon used to be a flavor of jolly rancher but was later supplanted by blue raspberry. Jolly Rancher also comes in sodas, gum, and ice cream.

jolly rancher

So which candy will you pick up next time you have a sugar craving? Let us know in the comments below!

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