Five Reasons Why Halloween is Better than Christmas

By: Amrutha Chethikattil

Sure, Christmas is wonderful, renowned as a time of good will for all. Everyone loves sparkling lights and mistletoe, but does all that really beat cobwebs and pumpkins? Halloween is my favorite holiday for the followingreasons:

5. Everyone can join in. Money isn’t a problem when all you’re giving out is a bit of candy to whoever rings your doorbell. Christmas can be a difficult time of the year for those struggling to buy gifts they can’t afford for the people they love. It’s targeted towards upper/middle class families and tend to neglect those all alone or too poor for the holidays. Halloween is for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, class, or religion. This holiday is truly just about having a good time. You can dress up however you like and go trick or treating, a Halloween party, or to a haunted house. Everyone from toddlers to fully grown adults can have fun in some way on this day. Best of all, the candy you get has no correlation with the money or friends you have.

4. Decorations. Honestly, Santa Clause is no match for Jack Skelington. Nothing can beat putting spiders and un-dead zombies up all over your house for a holiday. This is the one time of the year you can scare people out on your front porch and not get in trouble. Really, can you scare people with candy canes?

3. Dressing up. Let’s face it. Even if you’re not a big fan of costumes, dressing in all black beats red, white, and green any day. You have an excuse to dress up however you want, from mermaid to minion. You can even dress up your dog as a hot dog without being judged, and yes I did that this year. Its that one time of the year you can truly let loose and have fun with your friends, opposed to awkward family reunions and phone calls.

2. Depression Hits in Winter.This season overall isn’t necessarily the jolliest time of the year like everyone claims. Winter is proven to be the most stressful season of the year. All your energy and money is spent on presents for people you may barely even know. On the other hand, Christmas can be the loneliest, most depressing time of the year if you have no one to celebrate it with. “Holiday blues are a pretty common problem despite the fact that as a society, we see the holidays as a joyous time,” says Rakesh Jain, MD, director of psychiatric drug research at the R/D Clinical Research Center in Lake Jackson, Texas.  “Many people feel depressed, which can be due to the increased stress that comes with the need to shop and the decreased time to exercise which gets put on the back burner during the holidays.”

1.  Commercialized. Yes this may offend many of you, but not all of us enjoy walking into Target to be bombarded with candy canes. The season of “the best deals” really just translates to the season for retailers to rip everyone off. But whats to complain, that’s the “spirit” right? Halloween on the other hand is pure fun. Before you argue, think back to your last visit to Spirit Halloween. We just can’t help but step on the “Try-me” signs then jump when a massive spider pops out at you.

Still disagree? Feel free to comment below.


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