Who Would Win? Iron Man VS. Voldemort

And now…. The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the epitome of our series, the epic conclusion to seven articles of awesomeness, the final battle! Since this is the end to an epic series, it’s going to be in two parts!  In one side of the ring, we have Iron Man! Iron Man has advanced through two rounds to get here, defeating Thor and Link in the process. And on the other side, we have Voldemort! Voldemort has also advanced through two rounds, fighting his way through Ash Ketchum and General Grievous! Andrew, who has returned to defend Iron Man, will go up against Michael with Voldemort for our epic showdown. And so,  without further ado, IRON MAN VS. VOLDEMORT!

Michael: Well Andrew, it’s such a shame that you have returned just to be defeated. You may have used Iron Man’s popularity to win the polls, but in a 1-on-1 battle, it’s Voldemort who would emerge victorious.  Iron Man’s armor couldn’t hold up against a single curse from Voldemort, and a spell like impedimenta would make him very easy to strike.

Andrew: I don’t really know how spells work, but I’m pretty sure they have to strike the person in order to be effective. Iron man can just dodge the spells with the handrocket things. And I’m sure Voldemort is not immune to rockets and bullets.

M: As I brought up in a previous battle, spells are not always physical. All a wizard needs in order to perform a spell is a line of sight. Unless Iron Man can fly behind something, there is no way he can evade one of Voldemort’s curses. Voldemort could always use protective spells to deflect rockets and bullets or disaperate out of the way before they hit him.

A: Like you said, all you need to do is have a line of sight. I’m pretty sure you can’t see Iron Man, so there is no line of sight on Iron Man since he is in a suit; that renders spells useless.

M: Voldemort doesn’t need to see Tony Stark, just the Iron Man suit. Without his suit, Iron Man is absolutely nothing, and a spell such as expulso could blast his armor to bits.

A: Iron man probably has an invisibility add-on, so if he is invisible how can Voldemort shoot spells at him?

M: Iron Man has no invisibility…


M: You didn’t let me finish. He does not have invisibility add-ons, nor adrenaline shots for that matter. Even if he did, (which he doesn’t) Voldemort could use the spell “Hominem Revelio”, which detects any human and makes them visible to the caster. After that, Voldemort could simply use the incendio charm or fiendfyre to burn through Iron Man’s suit.

A: Why doesn’t Iron man just take Voldemort’s stick? Also, you’re a nerd, who memorizes every single spell.

M: I don’t know what my nerdiness has to do with the battle, but Iron Man still has no chance of getting close enough to seize Voldemort’s wand. Iron Man would be forced to stay in the air, constantly moving  to even stay alive, but if Iron Man even got close, a well-aimed knockback curse like reducto or flipendo would send him flying away. Then, Voldemort could follow up with a second curse to end Iron Man once and for all.

A: Iron Man will just take Harry’s stick or get his own stick from Harry Potter land.


To be continued???

Here we have some epic videos showing off our fighters in their greatest moments! Warning: Videos contain spoilers, fantasy violence, and dramatic content.


P.S. We do not own Iron Man or Harry Potter. Please don’t sue us, Warner Bros or Marvel. We have no lawyers or money.



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