The Walking Dead Season 5

By Nishat Khan

With yet another chart-topping premiere night of the latest season, The Walking Dead season 5 episode 1, No Sanctuary, aired with a record-setting 17.3 million viewers, and episode 4, Slabtown, staying at the top of the charts, netting 14.5 million viewers.The Walking Dead


Episode 1 answered a lot of questions that viewers were left with at the end of season 4, the main one being, what’s going to happen to the group now that they were trapped in a train car? To avoid spoilers, all I’ll say is Carol did some unexpected acts of kindness such as blowing up a propane tank to save the beloved Asian, Glenn.

The Walking Dead 2

Episodes 2 and 3 further intrigued viewers, the latest question being what happened to Carol? From Daryl’s cautious expression, we expected that things couldn’t look too good, and with that question left to torture us, we viewers had to last the week for the latest episode, Slabtown.

Slabtown goes into what happened to Beth, Maggie’s half-sister, before Carol and Darryl supposedly got to her. The episode begins with Beth waking up. She is in an unfamiliar place, and as the door opens, she seems ready to use her trusty IV to attack anyone who wishes her harm. We see a doctor and a policewoman walk in, and we’re left confused. Apparently, so is Beth, and she asks all the questions we had while watching these first few minutes, getting most of them answered.

the Walking Dead 3

Beth befriends the doctor and a laundry-boy and the only thing on her mind now seems to be getting out. The policewoman’s partner is a dirty, dirty person, and again, to avoid too many spoilers, all I’m going to say is that he deserved to be eaten by the walker.

We also learn that the main doctor also has some secrets, and Beth and her crippled laundry-boy friend decide to escape. They manage to get out through the basement, using useful ammo on nothing, and are about to escape when Beth is caught. Of course, her fully capable crippled friend manages to escape, which makes us question how she’s survived so long.

Of course, as is tradition with just about every episode of the show, there is yet another scene that makes us want to know the answer to another question. We see Carol brought in on a gurney. Questions?

For me, these questions came to mind: How did Carol get there? Is she alive? What happened to her? And of course, as a faithful Darol shipper, Why did Darryl not save her and want to hide her? Be sure to comment with questions you had and what you think will happen in this Sunday’s episode.

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