The Family Picnic

By Arya Chethikattil

Go to the Family Picnic for a night full of fun! Entrance per family is 25 dollars. That includes 15 tickets for you and your family to play the games, and lots of FUN. All the booths are super fun and exciting. These booths will be run by your very own BASIS Chandler teachers. There will be lots of fun booths, including Mr. Bowley’s Bobcat Whipped Cream, which is pie throwing. Some other booths are Sharpie Tie-Dying, Milky Way, Gaming Booth, Sports Challenge, Ladder Golf, and Water Balloon Volleyball. There is trivia where your brain will be put to the test. There is also a photo booth there so you can take a picture friends and family. You can even get henna done. Come on November 15th at McDowell Mt. Pavilion (Tumbleweed park). It’s at 5:30-8:00, so make sure to tell everyone about it, and who knows, you might even see the bobcat there!

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