Taking Selfies to New Heights

By Nishat Khan

The selfie craze hasn’t died down since the birth of major social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter, and isn’t going to die down after this. Jonathan Rothberg, an American biomedical entrepreneur, is prepared to create a smartphone-sized device that shows you images of your organs. Not only does it make for an interesting selfie, but the same technology can do so much more to improve procedures in the medical world.

Rothberg imaging device

The technology that Rothberg will use can also communicate with devices that have been planted into the brain, and can help eradicate cancerous cells. With funding from Stanford University, and seed funding of $100 million, Rothberg has patented his ideas and is ready to make the breakthrough technology that could change the worlds of ultrasound and selfies forever.

In an interview, Rothberg said that the selfie would be taken like an iPhone panorama, which would take many images from around your body and put it all together in a panoramic view. Rothberg seems confident that this can be the new and easy way to determine if there are things like any tumors, or if a child has cleft lip or Down’s Syndrome.

The best part is, it won’t be very expensive, enabling many more people than just doctors to use it. Rothberg told Technology Review that it would be small, cost a few hundred dollars, connect to a smartphone, and be able to diagnose things like breast cancer and look at a fetus inside a womb.

The device is set to take shape in the next 18 months, leaving the world in high anticipation for such a device.


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