How to Pep Up the Pep Rally

by Vaisha Nair and Sanjana Shenoy

Recently, BASIS Chandler had its very first pep rally. Though we lack a football team; our swim team, volleyball team, and soccer team really got the crowd going. Many people saw Baron von Bobcat (our school mascot) for the first time and some got lucky enough to high-five him.

During the pep rally, all the students cheered on our coaches and teams, in return the students had candy thrown at them and it we had a fun time.  But what are some things the teams could have done to make the rally better? Here are some ideas.

1. Organization

The pep rally wasn’t as organized as it could’ve been, and since it was our first, we weren’t ready to deal with the disorganization. I think we would have been more prepared if we had a procedure to get out of the building and into the courtyard without trampling the other students.

2. Space

Spacing seemed to be a problem since everyone was tripping on each other. In order to make it better we should have had rows for each grade that way everyone would’ve had enough space to move around and cheer on our teams.

3. Spirit

I know I wasn’t really feeling the BASIS spirit at the pep rally. Maybe the rally would have been a bit more “peppy” if we incorporated our school colors into it. On days that we have a pep rally, everyone should be notified and should wear teal and black or their BASIS shirt.

4. Timing

Last Friday, once the pep rally had started, half the students hadn’t come out yet. We needed everyone to enter in an organized fashion like we do for our awards assemblies.This way everybody could watch the entire show.


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