Fitness meets fashion

By Adithy Hassan

” Style is the best way to express yourself, without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe

Although we’re finding ourselves cuddling in the couch rather than getting our move on, it’s time to get outside! There has been so many instances where the hot chocolate with a huge dollop of whipped cream in the fridge was calling my name, and I’ve just not been motivated to get up from my couch and computer. This trend is noticeable in many lives, no matter your age! So I’m here to guide you off of the couch and outside in style!

1. Hair

a. French braid into a ponytail: I think this gives off a great vibe of a lot of time spent when in reality you only spent about 5 minutes! I absolutely love the look of this, but I’ve yet to try it myself since basketball season just started. Getting the perfect french braid can be quite stressful, but that’s the best part of the look because you can make it as messy as you desire!

Start off with 3 strands of hair at the crown of your head and begin to grab an extra piece of hair every time you finish wrapping the first 3 strands together. As you make your way down the nape of your neck, finish off with a regular braid, ponytail, or bun!

b. Braids: There are literally SOOO many types of braids it’s almost impossible to name them all. A few of my favorite braids, although not mastered yet, are snake, fishtail, side, 4-strand, 5-strand, regular (3-strand), french, dutch, waterfall etc. And since there’s an innumerable amount of braids you can adjust any of your all time favorites to fit your own style! You can add flowers for a more girly look, or a peacock feather for an edgier one.

c. High ponytail puff: Begin by combing all of your hair back, then grab a chunk of hair at the crown of your head as you would if you were going for a half-up, half-down look. Tease that handful of hair either with a teasing comb or your fingers and some hairspray! Bobby pin that chunk of hair down and gather all of your hair into the highest ponytail your head can manage with leaving a small amount of hair down. Tie all of your hair with a hairband, and wrap that extra piece you left out earlier around the hairband to hide it.

2. Outfits

I hope these weren’t too confusing, but I would love to see your creations so remember to send us pictures when you attempt these hairstyles and outfits! Till next week, XOXO Adithy.


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