6 Things That Every Teen Should Have

by Swetha Rajagopal

There have been moments in your life when something you really wanted was something you couldn’t have, but here are six must-haves for every teen!

6. Journal or Diary

Every teen needs a place to record his or her thoughts. Studies show that writing down your thoughts and memories stabilizes mental health, as well as allowing young minds to blossom with creativity. Now, a note to all guys, writing in a journal might seem “wimpy,” but, in the future, you’ll enjoy looking back at all those awesome memories!

5. Own Bedroom

All teens need their privacy, and what else lets you have better privacy than your own personal bedroom? Stock up your room with your most favorite things in the world. For example, fill your closet with clothes (obviously), and put a picture of your friends on your  nightstand or desk, and cover your bed with a warm quilt of  your choice. Make your room look unique and use it as a place to think quietly, watch a movie, or just sleep.

4. A Social Media Account

Whether it be Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, some form of social media allows you to interact with friends outside of school.

3. Electronic Devices

All teenagers should have an electronic device whether it be an iPad, iPod, a computer, or a phone. It can be used to look up things on the internet, for studying, or just for fun.

2. BFF

Everybody needs best friend(s)! Who else are you going to talk to about all your problems? Friends free you from whatever cage you may be locked up in; they believe in you, and, most importantly, they stick with you through ups and downs!

1. FUN!!!!

All kids, especially BASIS kids, need fun in their lives! Your childhood only lasts for so long, and you should enjoy every moment of it! Do something that you truly enjoy once in a while: read a book, watch a movie, or even go skydiving!


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