Who would win? Iron Man VS. Link

Hello and welcome back to this edition of “Who would Win?” With special guest Tejas! Both Iron Man and Link have advanced to fight each other in the semifinals! Link will be backed by Michael and Tejas will fight for Iron Man!

Tejas: Iron man would easily win. He is smarter, faster, and more courageous than Link. His armor can block most of Link’s attacks and he can then use his missiles to knockout Link.

Michael: Iron Man can’t do anything to Link! Link’s shield is ultra-powerful, and can easily block anything Iron Man has to offer. On the ground, Iron Man would have no chance against Link, a master swordsman. Using a combination of his sword, shield, and arrows, Link could keep Iron Man on his toes, with each attack having a chance to end him.

Tejas:  Link’s Master sword wouldn’t do anything to Iron Man. Iron man would just use his defensive energy shield to block any attacks by Link. Iron Man would use sonic blast to disintegrate Link and, three-dimensional holograms ability to create decoys.

Michael: Iron man’s energy shield only deflects things like plasma bursts or lasers, but a physical attack would go right through it. The sonic blast wouldn’t disintegrate Link, just push him back a bit. And with Link’s epic shield and magic spells, Link could probably shoot it right back at him. I doubt the decoys would work either. Link has amazing draw speed and accuracy with a bow. He could quickly shoot an explosive arrow at all of them, and the real one would be destroyed before he even knew what was happening.

Tejas: A physical attack from Iron Man would shatter Link into small pieces. I doubt Links sword can break Iron Mans armor. Iron Man can just fly to dodge any attacks by Link. Iron Man is way better than Link! If you don’t believe me – Ask the world…

Michael: A physical attack would be absolutely useless against Link’s amazing shield, which can withstand forces as powerful as a volcanic eruption! Link doesn’t need to break Iron Man’s suit, he just needs to destroy the ark reactor, the blue circle in Iron Man’s chest, that pumps a piece of shrapnel away from his heart. Even if  Stark stuck to the air, Link’s amazing draw speed, accuracy, and explosive, powerful arrows would knock Iron Man out of the sky with ease.

Tejas: Link only has a sword and a shield to protect himself. He might have more, but the master sword and the shield are basically the only things keeping him alive. By the way, Iron Man is faster than Link so Link wouldn’t be able to catch up to Iron man. Iron man has an advanced degree in Physics from MIT-he could like calculate the exact velocity of the sword and dodge it. Iron Man armor is made out of iron and titanium. Links sword would just leave a dent or push Iron Man about a foot back.

Michael: I will say it again: Link only needs to hit the Ark reactor. One good shot will destroy it , and the energy released will blow Iron Man to bits, or fry him in his armor.  Even if the explosion is contained, (Which wouldn’t happen) The shrapnel would reach his heart and kill him. And no matter what kind of degree you have, you can’t calculate the velocity of an arrow speeding towards you before it hits you,  much less figure out how to dodge it. But none of that matters, because if Link gets a clear shot at Iron Man’s chest, Iron Man dies. If the explosion doesn’t kill him, the shrapnel will.

Tejas: Iron man’s Arc Reactor is protected. If the weakness of Iron Man is the Arc Reactor, he will protect it more than anything.

Michael: The reactor needs to be near his heart, so it is quite exposed on his chest. A piercing arrow or a strong sword thrust would end him. Iron Man’s missiles and energy diffusers could easily be deflected by Link’s shield. It would be a good fight, but in the end, Link would emerge victorious.

Who do you think would win? Please vote with our cool new poll thingy, becuase the winner will advance to the finals! If there’s anyone you want to see in a future article, please tell us in the comments.

P.S. We do not own Iron Man or Legend of Zelda. Please don’t sue us, Nintendo or Marvel, we have no lawyers or money.


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