War Thunder Review

By Andrew Thran

War Thunder is an air combat game developed by Gaijin Entertainment, mostly based in World War II, but shows usage of aircrafts from the Spanish Civil War (1936) to the Korean War (1950), which means you can fly anything from biplanes to jets. You can play as five nations: America, Germany, Japan, Russia, and England. Each nation has their real planes from World War II. Japan has the Zero fighters and the British have the Spitfire. You can customize your planes by adding cool decals, which if done right can make some pretty cool planes. The combat is very complex. There are different POV’s that you can have. There is third person, first person, and then there is the obstructed first person, which is the most realistic. These next ones are only if you are a bomber. There is back gunner and bomb view, which shows you when to drop your bomb. Instead of Call of Duty point and shoot, it is in the air so it adds a third dimension and there is bullet drop and travel time. Also you can’t just shoot anywhere, you must aim for the wing, cockpit, to knock out the pilot, or fuel tank, because you only have a certain amount of fuel. Recently, they have also added tank battles which add realistic tanks which follow the same principles of the planes.

There are also three different types of game modes. There is arcade, for people who want a quick, fun, and easy battle. This is the game mode recommended for new players. It has a little guide which tells you where to shoot to account for bullet drop and travel time and easy to use mouse controls which do everything for you. Then there is historic which is where you participate in actual battles in World War II. This one is much more realistic: you have to do a take off and land, which is more advanced, so new players will probably embarrass themselves trying to land. It gets rid of that guide. Finally, there is simulator which is like historic battles, but you only get the obstructed view. Only advanced players should play this game mode. The easy mouse controls are gone and replaced with much harder manual controls.

Now for the negatives. There is a sort-of campaign, which is pretty much multi-player, but with bots. The graphics are really good, but unless you have a good computer, you will probably have to turn the graphics down to reduce lag. After you buy a fancy computer to play this game, this game goes easily and is absolutely FREE. Yah, FREE. If that isn’t a reason to get this game, I don’t know what is.

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