To Go or Not To Go?

By Isha ChakrabortyBasis-Chandler-students-by-grade-id142658

Ever since 2010, BASIS Chandler has sustained its legacy of attracting hundreds of potential students every year. At the minimum, over three hundred students apply to enter this prestigious school of academics; these kids vie to the death for the chance to participate in the number one chain of schools in all of Arizona.

You may ask, ” Why join BASIS? It’s too hard and challenging for me, and I won’t be able to keep up with my social life outside of school. I won’t be able to handle it,” and the answer is yes. BASIS is a very challenging school both academically and mentally, but it also prepares you for the real world. When it comes down to it, colleges don’t measure the high number of followers on your Twitter; they would much rather look at the high number of AP classes you took while studying at BASIS.

Knowing these same risks, hundreds of kids still apply. Out of all of these applicants, only 90 are able to gain admittance into our school. After talking to multiple fifth graders, the main responses for joining BASIS were because they have siblings here ( 53% of students interviewed), because it’s their parents’ choice (24%), or simply because they weren’t challenged enough at former schools ( 27%). These statistics raise a number of questions about the reputation BASIS has and the impact it leaves on promising future students.

Even though we are able to maintain our steady number of disciples per year, a strange phenomena occurs shortly after eighth grade. We start to see an extreme decrease in the numeric quantity of students entering the BASIS Chandler high school experience.

Several former and current eighth graders were able to shine a light on how this phantasm develops. BASIS Chandler had a total of around 180 eighth graders last year, while only around 70 remained at BASIS. Why do so many students feel the need to leave BASIS if it really does uphold its status?

Many students look for a more well-rounded school which can provide them with more athletic and theatric opportunities that BASIS simply cannot offer. Other students look for a more relaxed school to attend, for the pressure of BASIS was too hard to handle. Nevertheless, the majority of BASIS freshmen here this year agree that staying at Chandler was one of the best decisions they have ever made. Some say that the education they can obtain at BASIS is nowhere near the education they can receive at any other public school nationwide.

Unfortunately, 40% of the eighth graders this year are going to leave this prestigious school for the same reasons as the former year’s eighth graders did. Hopefully, at least 50% of these eighth graders remain at BASIS through the high school years and engage in the full education that it has to offer.

BASIS Chandler really shows high potential in its academics as well as other extracurriculars. Staying at BASIS would not only benefit your learning, but also benefit the choices you make towards the end of your schooling career.

Hope to see you all next year, 🙂

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