The New Big Three

This year the Miami Heat, which used to be an incredible team, were replaced by the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are set to do some amazing things this season due to their incredible roster, with outstanding players like Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and Lebron James. The Cavaliers have a definite chance to make the playoffs and probably could even take the championship. Their performance is going to be determined by the team’s chemistry (how well they get along) and their mental game.

Kyrie Irving is an outstanding point guard who makes intelligent decisions and knows when to pass or shoot. He is a catalyst for the Cavaliers offense. The speed and efficiency of the Cavaliers game will depend on his mental and physical game and agility. He might not be as strong (basketball wise, not strength) as Lebron or Kevin due to the fact that he doesn’t have too much experience yet with playing big games, but his talent is incredible.

Kevin Love is a phenomenal power forward who can shoot and drive. He will definitely contribute to the offense with his great gameplay and defense with his aggressive coverage. He has amazing rebounds and often gets double doubles. On the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was the best, but now on the Cavaliers, he is taking a secondary role though still an important one. This might take some time to adjust to because on the Timberwolves he played more of a primary role, as he was the main star. In his new role, he has to develop his teamwork skills and possibly passing skills too.

Now let’s talk about the main star, Lebron James, a small forward who is unparalleled in the NBA right now. His gameplay is out of this world with amazing shots, strong drives, and excellent defense. He will be the main offense for the Cavaliers and will definitely lead them to the top along with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. He is already used to playing with sensational players, so he won’t be too intimidated. The Cavaliers’ gameplay will be impacted thoroughly by Lebron. Their skill will primarily depend on Lebron’s, Kyrie’s, and Kevin’s teamwork and how they interact.

If the Cavaliers do develop amazing chemistry with all the new team members, they have a definite chance to make the Eastern Conference Finals and maybe even seize the championship.

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