The Halloween Fever!

By Maya Devineni, Arya Chethikattil, Anisha Agarwal

Yet another year of Halloween has come around again just as scarier as ever! Here we have made a list of the top 4  most scariest haunted houses in AZ. These haunted house will make you tremble with fear, make goosebumps crawl up your skin, and make you scream at the top of your lungs.

Haunted houses in AZ


13th Floor Haunted House- Is a very scary haunted house which is based upon the legend of the 13th floor… legend goes it that all your darkest and deepest fears come to life in the 13th floor.

Terror in the Corn-  Imagine this: you are stuck inside of a cornfield on the darkest night, and all your fears block you from escaping the horrid maze.

Haunted Graveyard- Is a haunted house that is medium on the scary scale. This haunted house is meant for all ages, but don’t get ahead of yourself, this haunted house still gets you tingling!

Sanctum of horror-  Make your way through the Lenore’ twisted little mind. Experience all of Lenore’s memories, and see all her crimes in action. First, you make your way through her disturbing childhood home. Then you will visit the home for the mental, St. Charlotte asylum, and the only way out is through Lenore’s cell, where she is hiding, and then down into the sick basement where she used to tortured her victims.

Now… while you are still freaked out, check out Basis Chandler’s most popular Halloween costumes.



Hope you have a spooky Halloween!


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