Fall Fashion!

Hey guys! Starting this week Bhumika Phanindra and Adithy Hassan are going to start a fashion column at the BASIS Bugle! For those of you out there who want fashion tips on what to wear, this is the place to go!

Grab your sweaters and scarves and get ready for fall! In this post i’m going to give you a few tips on how to perfectly dress for fall. I will introduce a few styles that might suit you.

The Grunge Style


Look out, it’s flannel season! She’s wearing a plain white shirt with a plaid unbuttoned shirt over it and black tights. To complete her grunge look, she added a few accessories. She topped it off with a gray beanie, a gray scarf and really cute black boots. I personally would have added some leg warmers with the boots and viola, we have just completed the cozy but fashionable “Grunge look”.


The Dressy Style

There are two types of dressy outfits…


dressy 1

The first look is for those of you who like to dress up a bit and stay cozy while doing it. This image shows a cute white dress and a thin pink belt that goes around and really adds a ‘pop’ effect to the dress. Over the dress, you can wear a cute cardigan or even an unbuttoned flannel shirt if you’re really into flannel. For the shoes, it shows cute brown heels to go with the cardigan pictured. In my opinion, heels aren’t really the best option. To top off the look, I would wear strapped sandals or flirty ankle boots.


dressy 2

The second type is dressy but not super dressy, it’s like casual dressy, if you know what I mean. This type of dressy includes a super cute skater skirt. I’m really into skater skirts because they really express your style. I don’t own a skater skirt 😦 but I plan on buying one in the very near future. In the picture above, the model is wearing a blue, leather skater skirt, feel free to get the color of your choice, with a grey top. Over the top she wears a leather jacket to show off her boldness. For shoes, she is wearing bold leather ankle boots to complete her look.


Cozy but Fashionable

These next tips are just for every day looks that will make you look and feel better.

I honestly am in love with collared sweaters! I have always wanted them but i have no idea where to get them or wear to look. Mrs. Kirk is a super fashionista and she told me she got hers from H&M. You could always try Forever 21 or Q, wherever you like.  I would wear plain or patterned tights with a collared sweater and ankle boots with leg warmers.

collared sweater

plain leggings

patterned leggings


This would be my completed look. You could even wear a plain t-shirt with a long, patterned cardigan over it if you don’t have a collared shirt. Remember, you can always customize your looks on what suits you best and what you are comfortable in. For the above images, you don’t have to perfectly replicate what is shown, you could always add your color, your personal accessories (scarves, necklaces, etc.) and be creative with what you want to wear.

Hope you liked my post! Come back next week to see what’s new on the fashion list!



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