31 Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

by Nita Kulkarni, Ishraaq Shams, & Anusha Natarajan

Today is a day of superstition and ghostliness. One of the days where you dress up and go door to door for complementary candy…AND most importantly having an excuse for scaring your friends!!

Here are some interesting and weird facts about Halloween:

1. Every year for Halloween , Americans buy about 600 million pounds of candy.

2. Halloween was originally abridged from All Hallow’s Evening.

3. The biggest pumpkin weighed 2,032 lbs. and took approximately 105 days to grow.

4. Halloween originated from Ireland’s Celtic festival, Samhain, which celebrates the end of the harvest season.

5. Compared to St.Patrick’s Day, Halloween is more Irish.


6. To receive your treat, you had to dance.

7. Jack-o’lanterns were originally made from turnips, potatoes, and beets.

8. Harry Houdini, the famous magician, died on Halloween.

9. Carving the Jack-o’lantern originated from a Celtic folktale. A drunken farmer named Jack hoodwinked the devil so that he doesn’t end up in heaven or hell.

10. Candy corn used to be called “chicken feed.”



11. During Halloween, a full moon is very rare, so don’t expect it to be as scary as you think it will be.

12. Halloween was known as “Cabbage Night” in a few American towns(now kids call it “Free Candy Night”).

13. In the Middle Ages, people were superstitious of black cats because they believed that witches turned into them.

14. Studies show that Halloween makes kids more greedy and evil.

15. Most animal shelters accepted the adoption of blacks cats around Halloween because they believed the cats would be sacrificed.

16.  During the earliest Halloween, tribes from Germany and France wore animal skins and skulls.

17. The Celts considered fairies as hostile to humans because they did not believe in demons or devils. The fairies were thought to trick humans into becoming lost in fairy mounds.

18. Witches applied an herb ointment on to their skin that makes them fly, but some witches rode on horses.

19. Pumpkins can also be white, blue, or green. (Colorful!)

20. Boston, Massachusetts has the highest record for the most lit pumpkins.

21. Halloween comes in 2nd place for the most commercially successful holiday.

22. Orange and black are the most symbolic colors for Halloween. Orange indicates fall harvest, and black represents darkness and death.

23. Bobbing for apples has been associated with the goddess of fruit trees, Pamona.

24. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

25. Snickers come in first place for the top chocolate bar.


26. The owl was a famous Halloween image during the Middle Ages in Europe. When an owl hooted, it was meant that someone was about to die.

27.  If a person wears his/her clothes inside-out and walks backwards on Halloween, he/she will encounter a witch at midnight.

28.  The Village Halloween parade in New York City is the biggest Halloween parade. The parade incorporates 50,000 participants and 2 million spectators.

29. “Souling” is a medieval  Christian alternative to modern-day trick-or-treating. On November 1st, the poor would go door-to-door giving prayers for the dead in return for soul cakes.

30. Scarecrows represent the “ancient agricultural roots of the holiday.”


31.  Yesterday (October 30th) was National Candy Corn Day.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Remember to save some candy after Halloween because candy lasts for 1 year and chocolate lasts up to 2 years.










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