Mount and Blade Warband Review


95025You probably haven’t heard of this game, if you did good for you, if you haven’t this game is a Indie( in development) game developed by a Turkish company called Taleworlds entertainment that was released because it received lots of good reviews.. What made this game really popular the Napoleonic wars DLC( downloadable content). This game does have some flaws though. It does have a campaign( single player) for the regular game, not the DLC which is disappointing and the graphics aren’t really that good. But this doesn’t stop the fact that the gameplay is AMAZING. In both games the melee combat is difficult, which is a good thing,which makes for heart-pounding battles. The battles allow you to attack and block in the 4 directions: Up, down, left, right. The attack is slightly slower than the block, so when someone attacks you if your reaction is good enough, you will be able to block. The alternative is a shield which does not require direction but has durability which means you can only block a certain number of times. In the DLC, the combat is the same with the musket, but there are no shields. In the game, there are 3 different roles. Infantry which is equipped with a sword and shield, Bowman which is equipped with a crossbow or longbow, dagger, and a shield, and man at arms which has a horse and is equipped with a sword, shield, and pike or lance. You can also choose different variants of the weapons which offer different stats then the original ones. In the DLC, it is much more layered than the original. There are there basic types of roles infantry, calvery, and special. Each has many realistic regiment names used in the Napoleonic wars. Each regiment has accurate weapons and clothing for the corresponding nations which are England, France, Russia, Prussia, and Austria. The special are things like artillery and musicians. Yah you read that right, musicians. The musician class is very unique. You can play a variety of instruments like flute, trumpet, drums, and bagpipes. Each gives the soldiers around the music a unique buff. It is absolutely amazing when everything comes together in 200 player servers. There are 200 real people fighting with each other and working together in spectacular war. This picture I took myself. It is unstaged in any way and is still looks cool. mb12There is also classical music, which was actually written during the Napoleonic wars, to back up the epic battles. There are many game modes that are all very interesting. There is battle which is each players only have one life so when you die your dead which makes for heart pounding battles. There is team death match which if you die you will come back and your team needs a certain number of kills to win. There is my personal favorite, siege were there is the attacking team and defending team. The attacking team has infinite lifes because they will be dying a lot due to the design of the maps and the defending team has 5 lifes. The maps have a unique design as in they are unfair to the attacking team giving the defending team tons of advantages like height, walls, rivers, and chokepoints. This next one is very interesting, it is commander battles. These, instead of having a bunch of players, has only a few, but instead of the player being a soldier they are a commander who commands an entire line of computer controlled soldiers. The last one is dual where you and your friend can fight each in a honorable duel. There are some more but they aren’t really played that much. If you still don’t want this game, It is friendly to new players because all you realy need to do is point and shoot. Still not convinced, the game is 20$ and the DLC is 10$ so in total it is again half as much than your average Call of Duty.

By Andrew Thran

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