Favorite Colors of BASIS Students

by Anusha Natarajan & Nita Kulkarni

10) Coming in 10th is YELLOW! It varies in hues from lemon cream to sunset gold. Commonly used in Chinese culture, yellow represents sunshine, wealth, and happiness; however, it can also symbolize jealousy. Yellow was frequently used in the murals of Pompeii to represent gold.


9) ORANGE came in 9th place. The color of pumpkins and candy corn, it’s perfect  for our season. It can also be a very spooky color.  Orange symbolizes fire, activity, and danger.


8) BOO! WHITE is the color that comes next. It sneaks behind you when you least expects it, but also gives you hope and peace. It expresses good, honesty, and light.  White was used as the first color in the paleolithic era.


7) Many students prefer SPECIFIC SHADES of certain colors. Examples include teal (GO BOBCATS!!), violet, and magenta.


6) Shadows, the night sky, and bats. All shades of a majestic BLACK. It was one of the first colors used in the Neolithic era for cave paintings.


5) It is the color of love, anger, and pure joy. RED is the next “loved” color. Some people like this color so much, that they even dye their hair red. And of course, red is a popular color for lip products!


4) GREEN comes next. For all you bio-people, here is the color of chlorophyll! Green symbolizes nature, youth, spring, and hope. For all you May-borns, an exquisite green stone —the emerald — is your birthstone.


3)  Think PINK.  It varies from a soft light rose pink to a deep luscious fuchsia.  Did you know pink was the first color name invented in the 17th century? Also, it is commonly associated with desserts.


2) Coming in 2nd is PURPLE. Roman emperors wore purple clothing as a sign of royalty. “Wearing purple” is also a military slang idiom used in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.


1) And the winner is ………………………BLUE!!!!!!! Blue is a color for harmony, confidence, and sometimes sadness.  It is the most chosen color by both males and females. During the Byzantine Empire, dark blue was commonly associated with crafts.


Which color is your favorite? What do you think could have been different? Tell us in the comments below!