Who Would Win? General Grievous VS. Voldemort

We came. We wrote. You voted. The results are in, and as of this date, Voldemort and General Grievous are advancing to round two! Joseph has returned, but Andrew will still make guest appearances from time to time. Michael will fight for Voldemort and Joseph will defend General Grievous! So without further adieu, General Grievous VS. Voldemort!

Joseph: Okay, i think we all agree that General Grievous has way more physical strength and better strategy for this battle. i mean like BRO, if this guy can cream batman, this guy can probably top somebody who barely won against Ash, a 10-year-old boy.

Michael: I agree, General Grievous would be superior in hand-to-hand combat, but in a fight against Voldemort, It would never come to that. Voldemort would be perfectly content to fire spells and curses from a safe distance. Even if General Grievous got close, Voldemort could just disaperate somewhere else. General Grievous has no way to approach Voldemort, and lacks any form of long-range combat.

Joseph: This guy has a droid ARMY, what do you have some puny death eaters? Droidekas would just put up their shields and troll the death eaters to their demise.

Michael: Death Eaters beat droids any day. They are infinitely smarter, and far more powerful. Even Droidekas can be destroyed by a powerful enough energy burst. (Eg. lasers fired from star fighters) with the thousands of spells mentioned in the books, and the hundreds of others that remain unknown, the death eaters could quickly annihilate the Droidekas, and any other droids for that matter. Even with all the droids around, It would only take one well-aimed curse to take out the General. Besides, when confronted with a challenge, General Grievous orders his droids to stand down, as he would rather have the satisfaction of defeating his opponent himself. Even if Grievous was cowardly enough to let his droids do the fighting, Voldemort and his Death Eaters could create a protective force field using powerful defensive spells. Laser blasts would glance off, leaving Voldemort and his followers unharmed.

Joseph: Bro, death eaters are not ships you idiot.

Michael: But they can perform spells that deliver a force equivalent to a star fighter’s laser canon.

Joseph:No they can’t.

Michael: Yes they can. They destroyed the shield around Hogwarts in about 5 minutes, and that was far more powerful than anything a droid can put up. Also, Droideka shields only deflect laser blasts, and they can be destroyed by explosions. With dozens of explosive spells out there, Droids wouldn’t stand a chance against the death eaters. Besides, all the Droids in the world could not keep Grievous protected for very long. I will say it again, only a single curse would be necessary to defeat Grievous.

Joseph: Yes, but that wasn’t really the Death Eaters that was Voldemort.

Michael: Death  Eaters can just blow the droids up! And the droids would stop attacking after Grievous is destroyed, since General Grievous chose to have direct control over all of them. He serves the same purpose as the control ship in Episode I, and all the droids shut down after it was destroyed.

Joseph: General Grievous could just deflect spells with his light sabers.

Michael: True, but some curses, such as sectumsempra and crucio, do not take the form of jets of light, and would not be deflected.

Joseph: Greivous feels no pain, for he is robot.

Michael: You have a fair point. However,  it has been shown on numerous occasions that the best way to defeat Grievous is through use of the force. Using a spell like Wingardium Leviosa, combined with Voldemort’s amazing powers, a similair effect could be produced.

Joseph: Yes but general greivous could put a bag on his head

Michael: What purpouse would that serve?

Joseph: All of them

Michael: Do you have a good argument or not?

Joseph: Yeah i do. If the spell is in the air, the bag on his head would protect him so he could be amazing and kill Voldem0rt.

Michael: That plan is stupid for countless reasons, but I’ll highlight three: Number one, spells don’t travel through the air, so there’s nothing the bag would do. Number two, Grievous would look really dumb with a bag on his head. Number three, General Grievous would end of suffocating himself because all the plastic bags say clearly  “do not put on head because of suffocation risk”. Voldemort wins this battle. Give it up Joe.

Joseph: Well maybe he could have a mouth hole in the bag and he wouldn’t look stupid…

Michael: JOSEPH! This is going nowhere. Plastic bags don’t protect you from Voldemort.


Michael: Do you have a good argument or not?

Joseph: no

Who do you think would win? Please give us your opinion using our cool new poll system! And don’t forget to give us your opinion for next time!

PS. We do not own Star Wars or Harry Potter. Please don’t sue us, Lucas Films or Warner Brothers, we have no lawyers or money.


































One thought on “Who Would Win? General Grievous VS. Voldemort

  1. General Grievous wins simply because he is a better tactician and has defeated countless Jedi. Jedi are usually a step ahead of their opponents due to their connection with the force and Grievous manages to get the better of most of them. Voldemort can disapparate and Grievous hears the pop and speeds towards it. Voldemort will get speedblitzed one way or another.


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