Top Songs of One Direction

by Sneha Rajagopal

Here are some of the best songs of One Direction! Rock and dance to these fun and upbeat songs!

1. What Makes You Beautiful

This song will make you feel great about yourself, so take a listen.

2. The Story of My Life

This heartwarming song moves me to tears of joy! Truly, this is one of their best songs yet!

3. Best Song Ever

This song makes “you dance all night to the best song ever!” This song is so catchy, you’ll absolutely remember every line of this song!

4. One Thing

You’ll be touched and start loving these boys instantly! Listen to song when you’re feeling a little romantic!

5. Midnight Memories

This song makes you cherish all the memories you’ve made with your friends!

6.  Live While You’re Young

Go out and live while you’re young while listening to this song!

7. Kiss You

This song makes you get butterflies at once! Listen to this song to see!

8. One Way or Another

This song makes you go one way or another! Listen to this song when you feel a little bored!

9. Rock Me

This song truly does rock me!

10.  Little Things

I just love how the tempo of this song goes. It’s truly the little things that matter!



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