“The Wheel May Finally Have Some Competition” With New Hoverboard!

by Asad Jamal

Anyone who has ever seen Back To The Future II, which was was made in 1989, but set in October 2015, has wanted a Hoverboard. Well, our wishes aren’t too far out of reach. I mean, just watch this video!

As you can see in the clip above, there is indeed a real life Hoverboard available. This clip is from a Kickstarter page that offers a real-life hoverboard (Not like the rip-off Mattel Back To The Future ones that never actually levitated). However, there are conditions with it.

It’s not made for “Riding” like a skateboard.

And it doesn’t let you travel anywhere unless you have a magnetic field underneath it, kinda like the Magnetic train.

And it costs $10,000!!!

Even though it isn’t for everyone, this proves that Hoverboards are a possibility and can be produced with a little hard work!

This Prototype, titled Hendo, holds up to 140kg (About two people) of weight and levitates 3 cm off the ground! Doesn’t seem like much, but if there is one thing we know about Technology it is that it only takes one Domino to knock over the rest and create beautiful art and messages like you see on YouTube- But if you’re not very artsy, it could also just look like a bunch of Dominoes toppled over and now you better clean it up.

What do you guys think of this Kickin’ Kickstarter Concept?!

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