Manning Breaks Record!

by Samihan Dani

Three years ago people thought that Peyton Manning would be gone after a neck injury when he could barely lob a ball 20 yards. But through extensive surgeries and rehab, Manning came back better than ever.

“I’ve discussed with some family and friends recently that [I] certainly didn’t think this would even be a possibility a couple of years ago,” Manning said after the game. ” … I’m really enjoying playing here, playing for this organization.”

On Sunday night Manning passed Brett Favre for the all time TD record and scored his 509th touchdown pass of his career.  The 509th went to Demaryius Thomas for 8 yards with 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

Of the record-setting touchdown, tight end Jacob Tamme said, “Everyone wanted 509, everyone wanted that one. … Just the way Peyton carries himself, the way he raises everyone’s level of play. We all want to be part of that.”


Manning had 399 touchdowns with Indianapolis but already has 111 with 3 seasons in Denver. Throughout his career Manning has had an average of 2.07 (minimum of 200 touchdowns thrown) touchdowns per game, which is the highest ever, while Aaron Rodgers sits in second place with 2.04.  Manning has been the leading quarterback in touchdowns thrown in four seasons (2000, 2004, 2006, 2013).  He broke the single season record for touchdowns in 2004, but in 2007 Tom Brady broke it again. However, in 2013, Manning broke the record again.  Manning has thrown for 326 touchdown passes from under 20 yards.  That’s more than John Elways career total!  And he has thrown 6 TDs from 80 yards or more.

2 weeks ago in Arizona, Manning scored his 500th touchdown and had a career high 479 yards for 4 TDs.  Last week, when Manning threw his record breaking 509th touchdown against the 49ers, there were a few tribute videos from Brett Favre, John Elway, and some of Manning’s teammates.  After scoring the record touchdown his teammates played keep away with the ball from Manning before the ball was handed off to Manning, then to a pro football Hall of Fame representative.  Manning ended the game with 318 yards with 4 TDs bringing his total up to 510 touchdowns.

Manning still has some years ahead of him to bring up his record total.



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