Lake Havasu and Lake Powell

By Nishat Khan

Arizona has a lot of things most states can’t offer: the Grand Canyon, tons of museums, and, as you can tell by the title, lakes.

Lake Havasu

lake havasu

The London Bridge sure did fall– it fell down south to our own state of Arizona. Lake Havasu, a good three hour drive from Phoenix, is home to the famed London Bridge. It was purchased by Robert Paxton McCulloch in 1831 and was moved to Lake Havasu City, a city founded by McCulloch that rests between Arizona and California.

The world-famous bridge, though beautiful, isn’t the only thing that attracts 750,000 visitors a year. Lake Havasu is also a popular fishing and boating spot. Many fishing tournaments are held at the lake, with striped, largemouth, and smallmouth bass being the main catch. Lake Havasu is considered by many Arizona residents to be one of the best places in Arizona to go fishing, not only because of the abundance of fish, but also because nature is something that never gets old.

Boating, another popular attraction, is best done when you go on a tour with the Sunset Charter&Tour Co. The company offers boat rides around the Colorado River Valley, which includes Lake Havasu. They offer interesting insights on all the aspects of the historic lake from how the bridge got to Arizona, to what kinds of fish you can catch with ease.

Lake Havasu also has a variety of trails to hike with a wide range of difficulty levels, but if you are going just to relax the lake has some really pretty beaches. Unlike the ocean, this lake doesn’t have any sharks, jellyfish, or animals that might make the experience unpleasant. Lake Havasu is the perfect spot for picnics with your friends and family.

Lake Powell

lake powell

About four and a half hours from Phoenix, Lake Powell sits on the border of Arizona and Utah, with the majority of the lake in Utah. The scenery at Lake Powell is unlike any other, with many natural scenes which make for great photo ops and time to sit and relax, enjoying the quiet away from the general hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives.

Lake Powell is surrounded by the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which proves to be a favorite among many tourists. Another popular attraction is the ability to rent houseboats on the lake and watch the sun go down from the comfort of an actual houseboat.

Many hotels and shops around the lake offer tours around Lake Powell and the surrounding canyon. Not only are tours offered, but there are many opportunities to rent a kayak or a speedboat from businesses around the lake and take in the scenery at whatever pace floats your boat.

There is a lot to see around the lake as well, such as the water side of Antelope Canyon (which we talked about in last week’s article), Face Canyon, and Warm Creek Bay, a favorite of people staying in houseboats.

Arizona has a lot to offer in terms of sights to see and things to do, and visiting our many beautiful lakes is one of them. Lake Havasu and Lake Powell are both perfect examples of Arizona’s beauty, and are only a few hours away by car. Arizona has endless weekend possibilities. How are you going to spend your weekend?

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