Kirk Captures Sun Devils Victory

By Mrs. Kirk

Picture the sun setting over thousands of victory hungry Sun Devil fans. It was a sight to see last Saturday, October 18 when Stanford’s football team came to the Valley and left sorely disappointed.

The atmosphere before the game resembled that of a carnival. There were games lining the streets for kids and adults alike, vendors shouting, “water here, get your water, two dollars!” and swarms of maroon clad game goers, ready for the “maroon monsoon” (all ASU fans wore their maroon shirts).

I began at the President’s tailgate and chowed down on catered food and took in the view of the people walking the streets below me while I stood on the third floor patio of the College Avenue Commons.  A.S.U. wanted to strut their stuff to some college counselors and since our very own Mr. Bowley couldn’t attend, the tickets were graciously handed to me.

The game was set to start at 7:30 pm, so the crowd headed over at 7:00 to ensure that we wouldn’t miss kick off and the elaborate display of fireworks.  Dodging the swarms of fans as much as possible, we snuck around behind the bleachers to an elevator reserved for the lucky few who had access to the box seats.  I happened to be one of the lucky few this time.  We crowded into an elevator that took  us up to the President’s suite.  Upon entering, the common outburst was “wow!”.  There were burgers, wings, chips and dip, bottomless baskets of popcorn, veggies (they must have lost their way to the farmer’s market), and sodas, filling the room.  I hurried past it though, more in awe of the site that lay before me.  It felt as though we were in a floating balcony that sat directly above the field.  The view was astonishing and left me speechless with the biggest of grins on my face.

I grabbed my front row seat and snapped away furiously with my camera.  Stanford took the field to the sound of boos, followed shortly thereafter by an uproar of applause and cheering as their opponents, and our team, the Sun Devils, took the field and kept it the entire night.

I have little knowledge of football, so I won’t embarrass myself by giving a play by play, but I did manage to capture the first touchdown on film (see below).  The Sun Devils maintained their lead through the entire game, and sealed the deal with their final touchdown, ending with a score of 10-26.

Some of us feared that the outpouring of fans would resemble the start of a zombie apocalypse, so we hurriedly escaped at game’s end and race walked our way to our cars, narrowly escaping with our lives, but beaming from the incredible experience we just had.

Pssst! Can you spot the human banana in the photos below?

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