Review Of The Previous Week’s Top Episodes

By Sneha Rajagopal


Over the course of the last two weeks, a number of amazing, thrill-catching, TV shows premiered its various seasons. Some were great, but others could have caught up to where the fans were. Here are the list of spoilers for the top TV shows of the weeks!

  1. Vampire diaries

Truly, this season premiere which all the fans of TVD were looking forward to for months (including me!) was a mess of things, but we have to give a round of applause for the whole cast and crew for trying. Some parts of this episode were a total car crash like the witchy-don’t herbs, but others, like the last few moments of Bonnie and Damon (where they eat vampire pancakes together for breakfast), were heartwarming and funny. But the main question is where are Bonnie and Damon? We miss you guys! Come back to us! Also, Stefan, you are going in the wrong direction here (not Georgia)! The right direction is to Mystic Falls, Virginia. All you have to do is super speed there and ta-da! Caroline, one of your best friends, will be waiting for you, no matter how many times you avoid her calls! Hope the rest of the episodes in the season will be awesome! (P.S. Don’t worry, TVD, you’re still my favorite TV show!) Look down to see some of my favorite scenes!

Dining with Caroline is not always what it seems! Look at how  mad she is at Stefan when she's talking about him!
Dining with Caroline is not always what it seems! Look at how mad she is at Stefan when she’s talking about him!


  1. Arrow

This was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in all of the Arrow series! It was filled with comedy, romance, and adventure. My most favorite scene in the whole episode is probably when Oliver Queen is “multitasking.” Also, to all Arrow fans, do you think that Deathstroke is coming back? And what is your opinion on the mysterious, but potential love interest to Felicity Smoke, Ray Palmer? Comment below! Two things that I did not expect at all in this episode was how one, Laurel and Oliver are now business partners and now on friendly terms and two, Sara (aka Black Canary) dies! Also, I feel sad about Laurel’s father. I do not want to see him dead in this season. And how cute is little baby Diggle? Diggle truly deserves to be a father to that beautiful girl! Felicity and Oliver’s new potential love is a little bit unstable for the moment. But, and I say this with all my heart, I hope that this love lasts for a long time! Here is one of my favorite scenes!

Finally! Oliver and Laurel are finally friends at last!
Finally! Oliver and Laurel are finally friends at last!

3.The Flash

The new spinoff of Arrow finally came to its first episode! Congratulations! This episode quite surprised me a lot. I never expected it to be quite this amazing. Although my heart breaks for Barry Allen, for all that he has been through, I think that he is truly going to have spectacular destiny. And even though he was rejected by Felicity, and his best friend doesn’t know how he feels about her, I think that he is going to get a match worthwhile! The whole Flash team amazed me to bits and pieces. Each person has their own complications and problems which I am pretty sure we are going to see in the future. Let us hope that this season runs through and reaches our heart! Here is the promo for this season.

 Best friends forever!
Best friends forever!


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