Depression Kills

By Isha C. and  Vaisha N.

Two weeks ago, something unthinkable happened at one of our fellow BASIS Schools.  A BASIS Flagstaff student’s parents found their handgun missing from their house. They immediately called the school in fear that their beloved freshman daughter had gotten a hold of it. Unfortunately, students heard footsteps on the roof and the staff finally located the student there hours later with the gun. Investigation shows that the girl’s suicide attempt was triggered by a wave of depression.

Depression (which may lead to suicide) is one of the leading causes of death in teenagers all around the world.  Many things can cause depression; stress; family problems; school and peer pressure; insecurity.

Stress can be defined as “a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way.” It is the body’s response to protect you, and is unpreventable. Removing stress is near impossible, but relieving stress may come with time.

Several teens everywhere face family problems. This cannot be fixed by friends or releasing the deets on social media, but only by directly confronting the people you’re dealing with. Try to be respectful, especially if they are older to you.

The BASIS Flagstaff teen’s depression was directly induced by school and peer pressure. Recently, we interviewed multiple BASIS Chandler students to find out the average number of students they know who are affected by depression and/or have attempted to commit suicide. There was an average of four people per student asked.

Insecurity is experienced by every single one of us, whether we will admit it or not. It could be anything from not feeling confident enough to hating anything about yourself. The only thing we can do is know that we are good enough, no matter what anyone else says. Remember that words can never hurt you, unless you let them.

Something to remember is that to those of you who cut, it never helps. Cutting may help for a few seconds, but after that it just creates a wave of pain and depression and it’s very hard to come out of that.

There’s always another option, and it’s imperative that you realize that. You can always share your feelings with someone, and they might be able to help. Also, you can try to address the problem and and fix it on your own.

I really hope that all of you are okay, and if you’re not, that’s okay too. Stay strong, we love you.

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