Who Would Win? Link VS. Sonic

by Michael Ford & Joseph Aboudi

Okay, we were going to do Sonic VS. Mario, but so many people have already done that, and we all know Sonic would win. So…Joseph and I will have our epic debate, and don’t forget to let us know who you think would win in the comments below. We have multiple rounds, and we need you to vote so we can determine who will stay to fight again!

This battle, Michael will fight for Sonic the Hedgehog and Joseph will defend Link, from Legend of Zelda! So, without further ado, LINK VS. SONIC!!!

Michael: It’s fairly obvious that the result of this conflict would indubitably end in a victory for Sonic. His speed would grant him a massive advantage. Not only does Sonic move at the speed of sound, but he can also curl himself into a ball and smash into opponents at high speed. Link would be KO’d before he even knew what was happening! Sonic’s speed would allow him to run circles around Link, and make him nearly impossible to hit.

Joseph: Link has this thing called a SHIELD. This shield is probably the most overpowered thing in all of video games, and I mean the riot shield from Call of Duty can block bullets…what can a spiny hedgehog do compared to BULLETS? I’m pretty sure if Sonic rammed this shield he would get massive brain damage and Link would have the perfect opportunity to pull out that master sword and slice.

Michael: First up, what does a Call of Duty Shield have to do with Link’s pathetic scrap of wood? Sonic would attack from all angles at unimaginable speeds. Link would have no time to move his shield into position before the next merciless blow struck. Sonic can also go Werehog, which is basically a Hulk version of himself. He would smash Link’s shield to splinters, and any blows from a sword would glance off his thick hide.

Joseph: Sonic can only go into Werehog for about 15 to 20 seconds, and Link has awesome things called BOMB ARROWS. Do you know how awesome that is?! It’s almost as awesome as JETPACKS, but that’s another story. These bomb arrows will shoot Sonic, and BOOOOOM goes the hedgehog. Not only that, Link also has land mines, so Sonic will try to reach Link only to be blown up and die. Then, Link can shoot him with his handy dandy bomb arrows, then slice him with his sword and smack him with his shield. Easy win.

Michael: Bomb arrows? Give me a break! Good luck hitting something going at 750 miles per hour! Also, your land mines would be impossible to plant. Within nanoseconds of bending down, Link would be smacked from behind, face-planting in the dirt. Barraged with constant, powerful strikes from every angle, Link would quickly succumb to the endless attacks.

Joseph: Too bad Link has freeze potions, which freeze everything except for him, and Link has enough time to dodge Sonic’s quick strike. Sonic will fly off into the distance at Mach one! The end.

Michael: Again, Link’s attacks would be ineffective against Sonic. No matter what you say, Link can’t dodge the rapid attacks Sonic throws at him. And finally, Link would be absolutely powerless to defend himself — absolutely helpless as he is destroyed — and one hundred percent doomed when Sonic goes golden. Super Sonic would smash through his shield, blow up his sword, and obliterate Link with the powers of the Chaos Emeralds. There is absolutely no way on earth Link would survive an attack from Super Sonic. I declare this debate has been adjourned!

Disclaimer: We do not own Legend of Zelda or Sonic. Please don’t sue us, Nintendo or SEGA, we have no lawyers or money.

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